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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 279

Ukraine election outcome risks triggering renewed Cold War

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 ottobre 2014

ukraine1The West negotiating with Russia is the way forward for battle-scarred Ukraine once results from the country’s elections – the first since February’s revolution – are announced.Europe, in reshaping its relations with Russia, has to support the sovereignty and independence of Russia’s neighbours. But it has to understand that Russia’s concerns, feelings and interests cannot be ignored,’ says Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Chairman and Founder of intelligence consultancy Geopolitical Information Service.‘The best-case scenario would see Europe and the US negotiating with Russia,’ he says. ‘This should be done at political not bureaucratic level, with the objective of shaping future relations in mutual understanding. This would respect the sovereign rights of countries such as Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Trade would be opened between the blocks and these countries,’ he adds.First counts from Sunday’s (October 26, 2014) parliamentary elections, indicate pro-Western parties will dominate Ukraine’s parliament. However these elections will affect relations between the West and Russia because Ukraine is a bone of contention over deeper causes, says Prince Michael. However, there is the risk of a renewed Cold War, with the crisis in Ukraine continuing and spreading to Moldova, Georgia, the Balkans and the Arctic, Black and Baltic Seas. ‘In this case everybody would lose and Russia would be driven closer to China,’ says Prince Michael.
This could lead to a real military conflict between Nato and Russia on a war footing, particularly if conflicts emerge in the Pacific.It also has to understand that clear, strong and united long-term European policies, have to be defined by Europe and coordinated with the US. America is crucial, as Europe has no credible defence on its own.‘For its part, the US would have to stop the harsh statements against Russia which emanate from its internal political squabbles between Republicans and Democrats,’ says Prince Michael.There is a lot of homework to be done by European governments and the US to overcome the lack of statesmanship and foreign policy strategy. ‘It is not yet too late to act,’ says Prince Michael.


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