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The Social Media Evolution – From Myspace to butN?

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 29 ottobre 2014

Social-media-evolutionSpeaking at a news conference to launch butN in Europe this morning its founder Robin Chater pointed out why butN goes well beyond other networking systems such as LinkedIn.“butN is about business and is geared to face-to-face networking – using Internet connectivity, GPS and other technologies to allow professionals to build up contacts globally with people they have met and therefore really know.”Robin is frequently asked whether his brainchild is effectively a business-dating site.“There is a clear line between work and private life and I think every day we draw that distinction without any problem”.Robin rejected initial descriptions of butN as “a Tinder for business” . He insisted that “getting to know the interesting professionals and executives in your vicinity is a great advantage when you are away from home on business and your time is normally at such a premium. If you join a conventional online business-networking site like LinkedIn it does not matter where the other people you connect with are. You are not, after all, using the network to actually meet them.”But he had to admit that the team developing butN did sign up to a number of dating sites to carry out their initial research – much to the anger of one partner when she discovered romantic messages arriving on her husband’s smartphone. But the importance of such research was because dating sites have pushed the boundaries of connectivity far more than general social networks.Where business networking differs markedly from dating is, according to Robin, “that there is no ulterior motive or fixed objective in networking and definitely no good night kiss. Although there is always a social element to both dating and business networking the important factors are not what someone looks like or their personality – but who they work for, who they know and what new commercial or technical insights the other person can provide.”


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