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Modern British and Irish Art Evening Sale

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

irish artLondon – Christie’s is pleased to announce details of the Modern British and Irish Art Evening Sale which will take place on 19 November 2014. Featuring 35 lots, the auction presents stellar examples of 20th century British sculpture and painting including John Duncan Fergusson’s Poise (estimate: £80,000-120,000, illustrated above), six paintings by L.S. Lowry, led by Coal Barge (estimate: £700,000-1,000,000), and Euan Uglow’s masterpiece entitled Three In One (estimate: £500,000-800,000), which is considered to be the artist’s most important painting to come to the market. The strong selection of modern sculpture is led by Figure (Sunion) by Dame Barbara Hepworth (estimate: £600,000-800,000), as well as sculpture by leading artists of the genre including Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick, Dame Elisabeth Frink, and Naum Gabo, among others. The Modern British and Irish Evening Sale as a whole features works with estimates ranging from £50,000 to £700,000 and is followed by the Day Sale on 20 November, which comprises 86 works starting at just £7,000. André Zlattinger, Senior Director, Head of Modern British Art, Christie’s London and Rachel Hidderley, Christie’s International Specialist and Director, Modern British Art: “We are pleased to present some important and monumental pieces of Modern British art, in a sale which spans over 100 years and celebrates our greatest British artists of the past century. The Evening and Day sales will provide a rich array of opportunities for new and established collectors at a wide range of price levels, encouraging active engagement in this dynamic and inspiring category.”

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Russian art

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

russian artLondon – Building on the record results of the Russian Art sale this past June, which established multiple new auction records and achieved over £24 million, Christie’s London will offer a spectacular selection of Russian Paintings and Works of Art on 24 November 2014. With over 400 lots with estimates from £1,000 to £2,500,000, this sale presents discerning collectors with an exciting opportunity to acquire exceptional works ranging from Avant-Garde masterpieces to exquisite Fabergé works with Imperial provenance.
Christie’s is further delighted to offer Valentin Serov’s masterwork Portrait of Maria Zetlin (1882-1976) (estimate: £1,500,000-2,500,000) in this auction. Sold to benefit the Ramat Gan Museums in Israel, this extraordinary portrait depicts Maria Zetlin, the doyenne of Russian émigré life in Paris, and appears on the market for the first time in history.

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MIAMI Celebrates 20th Anniversary International Real Estate Congress

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

Miami-skyline-for-wikipediaMiami, FL – November 2-4 Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida MIAMI International Real Estate Congress for 300 prominent real estate professionals from around the world The 33,000-Miami Association of Realtors (MIAMI) will celebrate its 20th Anniversary Miami International Real Estate Congress, the premiere international real estate event of the year, on November 2-4, 2014 at The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The Congress, which will host more than 300 real estate U.S. and foreign professionals, will kick off with an opening gala on November 2 and will be followed by two powerful days of learning, collaboration and networking.More than 70 foreign delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, and Italy will be in attendance.
This year’s conference will bring together an array of nationally and internationally renowned real estate industry experts, forecasters, and speakers to address the hottest industry issues, including factors that are influencing trends in international real estate investment and development. Attendees will also enjoy nightly gala receptions, marketing sessions and numerous opportunities to capitalize on the presence of MIAMI’s esteemed partners and leading real estate professionals.
Among the conference’s other distinguished keynote speakers are Dr. Lawrence Yun, chief economist of National Association of Realtors; Moe Veissi, immediate past president of NAR; Alicia Cervera, managing partner of Cervera Real Estate; Marianne Cusato, author of “The Just Right Home”; Alice Ancona, director, global outreach, Florida Chamber of Commerce; Philip Spiegelman, principal, ISG; and Duff Rubin, regional SVP Southeast Florida, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate; Ron Shuffield, president, EWM Realty International; Mike Pappas, president, The Keyes Company; and Peter Zalewski, founder and principal of

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Allergy and Asthma – double trouble

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

allergic reactionsZurich, Switzerland, Allergy is a public health problem of pandemic proportions that affects more than 150 million people in Europe. According to experts, 1 out of every 3 children has an allergy and they expect the disease to affect more than 50% of all Europeans in 10 years’ time.The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) has launched an awareness campaign ( to help the society to better understand how allergy sufferers feel, how profound allergy impacts quality of life, how severe and costly the diseases can become and how important it is to diagnose early and better manage this disease. By focusing on education for allergy prevention, early diagnosis and correct management, EAACI hopes to help patients and their families to better control their allergy and improve their quality of life and to increase the resources allocated by the society to manage the allergy epidemic.The campaign will roll out through 2014-2015 and will highlight different types of allergies such as: asthma, food allergy and anaphylaxis, allergic rhinitis, allergen immunotherapy (AIT) and skin allergy. The first wave of the campaign focuses on asthma as a major allergic disease with the aim to increase awareness on how close allergy and asthma are linked.Asthma is one of the most common chronic disorders; it affects 300 million patients around the world of all ages and is a serious challenge to public health. It affects profoundly the school and work performance of the patients.Asthma prevalence and impact are particularly on the rise in urbanized regions, associated with environmental and lifestyle changes. With a projected surge in the world’s urban population by 2025 it is estimated that a further 100 million people will suffer from asthma, adding to the number of current sufferers. This will represent the most prevalent chronic childhood disease and result in one of the highest causes of health care costs.The reasons behind asthma are not well understood, however people with allergic rhinitis, atopic eczema, food allergy and those who have asthma running in the family are at risk of developing asthma. This position is also supported by the European Commission: “In many people, asthma appears to be an allergic reaction to substances commonly breathed in through the air, such as animal dander, pollen, or dust mite and cockroach waste products”.There are several other arguments to support the relation between allergy and asthma:
many patients are aware of allergic triggers for their asthma (house dust mites, animal dander, molds)
atopic eczema is often the first sign that the child has an atopic phenotype and may develop rhinitis and asthma when they grow up childhood wheeze often develops into asthma if an allergic background is present. 75% of adults with asthma have allergic rhinitis 50% of people with allergic rhinitis have asthma treating rhinitis may improve asthma symptoms, especially cough You may have asthma if you experience recurrent episodes of coughing, wheezing (noisy breathing), breathlessness and chest tightness. The complaints may be triggered by colds, exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution and/or allergens such as house dust mites, grass pollens, animal dander, mold, etc. Because allergens are everywhere, it’s important that people with allergic asthma identify their triggers and learn how to prevent a crisis.Optimal asthma control is the goal of asthma management. Controlled asthma means no daily or nighttime symptoms, not missing school or work, good capacity to exercise and no asthma crisis leading you to the hospital. The important thing is to recognize and treat the disease.The majority of people with asthma can be controlled by environmental measures and asthma medications. Many good asthma treatments are available but the control of allergic triggers and associated allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, is an essential step in gaining asthma control. Testing for allergies is thus recommended to get your asthma under better control. Given the strong relation between atopy and asthma tolerance, induction to indoor allergens is a promising strategy for asthma prevention.
The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) is a non-profit organisation active in the field of allergic and immunologic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, eczema, occupational allergy, food and drug allergy, and anaphylaxis. EAACI was founded in 1956 in Florence and has become the largest medical association in Europe in the field of allergy and clinical immunology. It includes over 8,000 members from 121 countries, as well as 47 National Allergy Societies. (

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Albania Oil, Gas and Energy

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

TiranaGlobal Summits organiser IRN is proud to announce that the inaugural Albania Oil, Gas and Energy 2015 Summit will take place on 17-18th March 2015 in Tirana, in partnership with and under the Official Auspices of the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry and the National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN).Albania, one of the oldest and most consistent oil and gas producers in Europe, is now ready for the next licensing round with 13 available oil and gas Blocks to allocate. IRN and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania have thus partnered to launch the inaugural senior level platform for discussions to take place on all new hydrocarbon developments in Albania; examining competitive licensing procedures, and the business opportunities that entail.The Summit will gather high level delegation composed of Governmental Officials, senior level executives from national and international oil companies, major service providers, along with oil and gas experts to focus specifically on Albania’s oil, gas and energy (renewables) industries.
Albania is very attractive in terms of hydrocarbons as it is one of Europe’s largest onshore oil producing regions. The Patos-Marinza field, the largest onshore oil field in Europe, proves the country’s potential as an oil and gas producer. Discovered in 1927, it reached peak production in the 60’s and is still the largest onshore field in the continent, with 5.2 billion barrels of crude oil yet to be produced. Albania also promotes favourable fiscal terms that have already triggered the interest of international oil companies. The country’s National Gas Master Plan includes several projects for gas infrastructure and pipelines, creating multiple investment opportunities.

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Italian cheese” a lecture by Gaia Massai

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

italian cheeseToronto Thursday, November 6, 2014 – 6:30 pm Istituto Italiano di Cultura – 496, Huron Street. With more than 500 surveyed cheese varieties, Italy presents one of the most diverse- and tasty- scenarios in the world. How cheese was initially made and how has it evolved in the centuries? What is the difference between artisanal and industrial cheese making? What is the best way to store, serve and pair cheese? We will talk of these and many other aspects of this key ingredient of Italian cuisine. At the end of the lecture we will taste 5 different cheeses, all imported directly from Italy.
Gaia Massai is an expert on modern Italian wine and olive oil production and their cultural ramification. She helps managing the Fattoria di San Quintino, her family’s 200 hectare estate that comprises 20 hectares of vineyards and 3000 olive trees, situated between Florence and Pisa. Gaia is also the founder of Gaia’s Plate, a company through which she brings her Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil into Canada and that is focused on traditional Italian food and culture education. She obtained her Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Conservation of Nature (University of Florence) in 2003 and has been living in Toronto since the end of 2007.

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Sms contro droga e bullismo

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 31 ottobre 2014

bullismo1Lo scorso lunedì è stato attivato praticamente in tutta Italia il 43002 un numero telefonico gratuito indispensabile per segnalare vicende di bullismo e di spaccio all’interno e nelle vicinanze delle scuole. Il numero è stato istituito dal Dipartimento di pubblica sicurezza del Ministero dell’Interno per il progetto ‘Un Sms contro droga e Bullismo’. Possono chiamare i diretti interessati, i genitori dei ragazzi coinvolti ma anche amici e parenti e chiunque sia a conoscenza di vicende di questo tipo.
Il Dj Aniceto, Uno dei dj piu impegnati nel sociale, membro della Consulta per le politiche Antidroga a Palazzo Chigi e testimonial dei sani valori in tv in numerosi programmi televisivi anche con Piero Chiambretti, entusiasta del progetto e consapevole dei suoi molteplici benefici ne ha sposato subito la nobile causa ed è diventato paladino di questa iniziativa, Inglobandola nella sua campagna di sensibilizzazione contro le dipendenze che attua da molti anni sui social network. Dj Aniceto infatti trascorre tutto il suo tempo libero informandosi, per evidenziare quei fatti e quelle notizie che possono aiutare i giovani a tenersi lontano dalle droghe e da tutte le forme di dipendenza, diffondendo consigli tramite twitter e Facebook. La sua campagna raggiunge centinaia di migliaia di followers. “E’ una delle iniziative piu’ importanti che lo Stato ha realizzato in questi ultimi anni – Ha affermato Aniceto – Tutti devono conoscere questo numero Sms che puo salvare veramente vite umane. Desidero ringraziare i tanti personaggi famosi che mi hanno aiutato ad amplificare e a diffondere questo numero su Twitter dimostrando una grandissima sensibilità verso queste problematiche; un grazie speciale, quindi, va a Laura Pausini, Giorgia, Alfonso Signorini, Massimo Boldi, stefano Gabbana, Lorella Cuccarini, Gianluigi Nuzzi e Costanza Caracciolo, Insieme abbiamo raggiunto quasi 4 milioni di followers. Tutti dobbiamo lottare con ogni mezzo, affinchè ad un giovane non venga calpestato il futuro; occorre una seria politica di informazione, bisogna partire dalle scuole, con l’aiuto indispensabile dei professori, ma il messaggio deve essere veicolato anche, come nel mio caso, attraverso internet e i social network ed anche dalle discoteche, ‘gli unici centri di aggregazione giovanili’. Ma bisogna fare presto. Dopo, quando ci sono di mezzo i morti, non serve più essere duri e determinati”.

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