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What multinational companies can learn from the Jesuits

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 novembre 2014

warwick01BOVCompanies looking to expand into a global operation could learn a thing or two from the Jesuits according to Jose Bento Da Silva who has dedicated years to researching the 500-year-old religious order.Dr Bento da Silva, Assistant Professor of Organisational Studies at Warwick Business School, believes the Jesuits are the original multinational organisation. Dr Bento da Silva suggests many of the lessons and materials taught across business schools today have also been utilised by the Jesuits, who have practiced such methods for nearly half a millennium. He argues the Jesuits are a truly multinational order, with no country of origin, and practices tailored across the globe to suit the varying cultures of the locations they are based in. Dr da Silva’s research into the Jesuit movement shows how its organisational structure, which remains almost unchanged in spite of how the order has grown to encompass almost 200,000 members, can still be considered a perfect template for others to imitate. As demand for businesses to show a clean social conscience increase, Dr da Silva’s research on the Jesuits could be far reaching, with the Jesuit order a perfect example of an organisation that conducts business across the globe in a very ethical way. Read more about how the Jesuits’ system has been implemented across six continents and 100 countries, and the lessons companies aspiring to globalise or put social conscience at the heart of their business can learn, online or in the latest edition of Core magazine, available now.
Warwick Business School, located in central England, is the largest department of the University of Warwick and the UK’s fastest rising business school according the Financial Times. WBS is triple-accredited by the leading global business education associations and was the first in the UK to attain this accreditation. Offering the full portfolio of business education courses, from undergraduate through to MBAs, and with a strong Doctoral Programme, WBS is the complete business school. Students at WBS currently number around 6,500, and come from 125 countries. Just under half of faculty are non-UK, or have worked abroad. WBS Dean, Professor Mark P Taylor, is among the most highly-cited scholars in the world and was previously Managing Director at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager.


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