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Nuovo portale del Vaticano

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 dicembre 2014

vatican_woirpapa_woirRiconoscendo l’importante ruolo internazionale della Santa Sede e il contributo essenziale del Vaticano nell’affrontare i grandi problemi dell’umanità, la World Organization for International Relations (WOIR), organizzazione internazionale che si propone di sostenere gli sforzi volti a eliminare i motivi di conflitto tra le nazioni e preservare la pace e l’armonia nel mondo, rende operativo in occasione dell’Immacolata Concezione il nuovo sito, un portale con notizie che gravitano intorno alla Santa Sede con particolare riferimento alle attività della WOIR.Il lancio del nuovo portale della WOIR, fissato per l’8 dicembre 2014, coincide con un momento particolarmente significativo per il Vaticano. In questa data, infatti, la Chiesa Cattolica celebra la solennità dell’Immacolata Concezione della Beata Vergine Maria e proprio centosessant’anni fa Papa Pio IX con la bolla Ineffabilis Deus proclamava il dogma che sancisce come la Vergine Maria sia stata preservata immune dal peccato originale fin dal primo istante del suo concepimento.Proposto interamente in italiano, il portale affianca il sito centrale della WOIR, in inglese e spagnolo, alla url per fornire un ulteriore sostegno alle attività dell’Organizzazione Mondiale per le Relazioni Internazionali al servizio della causa della pace.
Il nuovo portale prevede anche i canali FaceBook e Twitter e consentirà di aprire un maggiore dialogo con le persone e stimolare l’opinione pubblica sulle emergenze che il mondo si trova oggi ad affrontare.
Fondata nel 1978 allo scopo di contribuire in maniera indipendente allo sviluppo e all’applicazione delle Relazioni Internazionali e a preservare così l’armonia nel mondo, la World Organization for International Relations (WOIR) è un’organizzazione internazionale che si propone di sostenere gli sforzi volti a eliminare i motivi di conflitto tra le nazioni, promuovere la cooperazione internazionale e operare al servizio della causa della pace e della difesa dei diritti umani. La WOIR è accreditata presso il Dipartimento per gli Affari Economici e Sociali delle Nazioni Unite come organizzazione internazionale non governativa (OING).

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Typhoon Hagupit makes landfall in the Philippines

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 dicembre 2014

Manila_ChinatownManila, Philippines. Typhoon Hagupit made landfall in Dolores, Eastern Samar in the Philippines at around 9:15pm local time on Saturday, the official Philippine meteorological bureau PAGASA said.PAGASA earlier estimated that Typhoon Hagupit had maximum sustained winds of 175 kmh near the center, with gusts of up to 210 kmh. The bureau warned of storm surges of up to 4.5 meters and heavy to torrential rainfall within the typhoon’s 600 km diameter.
Details of how communities are holding up in the storm’s path were not immediately clear, Greenpeace said it is standing in solidarity with the people of the Philippines who are once again facing a devastating extreme weather event.Speaking from the Philippines where he intends to bear witness to the aftermath of the typhoon, Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo said: “Our hearts are with the people of the Philippines tonight, with all whose loved ones are potentially in peril. We express our deepest solidarity and sympathy for a strong and proud nation at risk of another disaster, just one year after Typhoon Haiyan struck the same region. “People are still struggling to rebuild their lives and grieving for loved ones lost. We hope this typhoon will spare them of similar pain. At first opportunity, I will travel to these communities and stand in solidarity with them. “It is a tragedy that the price of climate change is being paid by those who carry no blame for its causes. Our climate is changing at an alarming rate and now more than ever, urgent climate action has become an issue of survival.”Naidoo intends to travel to the impacted region together with Philippine climate negotiator Naderev ‘Yeb’ M. Sano and Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Von Hernandez.

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Journalists Caritas ready as Typhoon Hagupit hits Philippines

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 dicembre 2014

Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)Typhoon Hagupit, known locally as Ruby, could affect the same areas where Typhon Haiyan killed thousands late last year. “While communities are in general prepared for it, the typhoon opens anew the fear and trauma associated with the impact of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that hit us last year,” said Josephine Ignacio, Head of the Humanitarian Unit for Caritas Philippines.“Join us as we pray for the families affected by this another calamity,” she said. Among the preparations made by Caritas are the prepositioning of relief goods and emergency kits, and the deployment of volunteers to give advanced information to affected residents.Camp management committees have also been set up in the different provinces to continuously monitor and assess the situation in their respective areas.Aside from this, community organisers and other local Church staff also assisted in the information dissemination and the evacuation of families to safer grounds.“Considering the vast area to be affected, local funds may not suffice. We are, therefore, expecting bigger needs in the coming days,” said Josephine Ignacio.
In one of its largest relief operations in years, Caritas Internationalis helped over 800,000 people who lost homes, loved ones and livelihoods during Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.Caritas staff members across regions, working in 35 different parishes, helped communities recover. They were supported by 43 Caritas national organisations around the world, who raised Euro 135 million from supporters (font photo: Wikipedia)

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