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Relax ALLY crowdfunding campaign raised € 100 000 to end the travel nightmare

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 dicembre 2014

relaxRelax ALLY equity crowdfunding campaign reached the campaign target 17th December 2014. Company raised € 100 000 through FundedByMe crowdfunding platform.Active Ally Oy/Ltd (a Finnish company) provides innovative solutions for the travel market that uniquely solves a huge problem experienced by millions of travellers daily. Sleep comfortably while sitting in airplanes, trains, busses and cars.Their product Relax ALLY® helps to fall asleep relaxed, prevents the head from falling and thus sleep from interrupting.“The problem is simply huge and for some reason people just seems to have accepted it. We wanted to wake-up people with a horror themed travel nightmare video and show a viable solution with huge potential to revolutionise the way we travel.” says Mr. Lasse Korvala, CEO, Active Ally Oy. The product has already been sold to over twenty countries and has been featured in global media (Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mail Online, The Telegraph and USA today). Now the company aims to grow and is raising funds via an equity crowdfunding campaign. Currently with over 60 international investors and 4 lead investors the campaign has already exceeded it’s initial goal € 100 000 and is the biggest Finnish success on the FundedByMe platform till date.The company has already started issuing shares but still welcomes new investments until the closing date (29th of Dec).”Active Ally Oy has an easily understood business, a solution to a well known problem with IPR in hand and an experienced team that we have had the opportunity to meet and evaluate in beforehand. We see the opportunity for co-operation and are investing into this company as a lead investor. We recommend this company with highly scalable business to other investor colleagues.” says lead investor Mr. Antti Miettinen, Guida Invest Oy, a Finnish investment company as the lead investor.”It is clear that Relax ALLY will have huge demand in the Asian travel hubs. With a successful airline company co-operation we will have a solid take off for growth also in this market area.” says lead investor Mr. Jari Talvinen, Managing Partner, Paradise Investment, Singapore. (photo: relax)


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