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Conference “Urbanized landscapes in early Syro-Mesopotamia and prehispanic Mesoamerica”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 febbraio 2015

bolognaBologna Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2, Aula Prodi of the Department of History and Cultures, Program:9th February, h 14.30 Gary Feinman (Chicago), The comparative investigation of early urbanized landscapes: an interdisciplinary reframing David Wengrow (London), Cities before the state in early Eurasia Nicolò Marchetti (Bologna), Conceptualizing urbanized landscapes in early Syro-Mesopotamia
10th February, h 9.30Davide Domenici (Bologna), Beyond Dichotomies: Comparing Mesoamerican Urban Societies Nikolai Grube (Bonn), Low-population cities and invisible bureaucracies: Were Maya kingdoms states? Norman Yoffee (Santa Fe), “The Evolution of Urban Society” today: Robert Adams in and for a new century The meeting may also be followed in streaming through the web <>. Discussions will be recorded and published in the proceedings as well, after an editorial process. Publication will follow the open access format.Papers, pointing to new avenues of research and questioning established schemes, will revolve around the questions below, by taking also into consideration environmental markers and landscape features, scales of analysis, indicators and samples, models of social organization.Registered attendees may present a problem during discussions after each paper through 5-slides/5-minutes maximum to better illustrate their argument: a 10-words maximum title is required to describe the problem which they will tackle.
The conference is organized on the occasion of the 50th year (actually 49, but it will be 50 when our proceedings are published) since the publication of Bob Adams’ The evolution of urban society: early Mesopotamia and prehispanic Mexico in 1966. An updated bibliography of Bob Adams may be downloaded from the conference website.


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