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Passenger Name Record and data protection talks should go hand in hand, MEPs say

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 febbraio 2015

terrorist attackTo protect the EU against terrorist attacks and yet safeguard citizens’ rights, MEPs advocate de-radicalisation programmes, stepping up checks at Schengen area external borders, and better information exchange among EU member states, in a resolution voted on Wednesday. They urge member states to make faster progress on the Data Protection Package, so that talks could proceed in parallel with those on an EU Passenger Name Record proposal and thus deliver a full set of EU data protection rules.MEPs pledge to work “towards the finalisation of an EU PNR directive by the end of the year” and encourage member states to make progress on the Data Protection Package, so that negotiations on both proposals can take place in parallel. They aim to ensure that data collection and sharing is based on a coherent data protection framework offering legally-binding personal data protection standards across the EU.They also urge the Commission to assess the consequences of the EU Court of Justice’s annulment of the Data Retention Directive and to seek independent experts’ views on the “necessity and proportionality” of the PNR proposal.Tackling the growing threat posed by “EU foreign fighters”
MEPs call for a “multi-layer” approach to tackle radicalisation, calling on member states to:
• invest in educational and social schemes that address the root causes of radicalisation,
• counterbalance online incitement to perform terrorist acts,
• prevent recruitment and departures to join terrorist organisations,
• disrupt financial support to terrorist organisations and trafficking of firearms, and
• set up “disengagement and de-radicalisation” programmes.


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