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State of the Union Address Condemns Europe’s Response to Migration

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 maggio 2015

In his State of the Union Address delivered at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florencefirenze, Professor Martin Scheinin condemned Europe’s “military response” to the Mediterranean migrant crisis, describing it as an idea “out of this world”. Scheinin’s words come after reports that more than 5000 migrants were rescued over last weekend by the Italian coastguard. He went on to call for Europe’s leaders to “please reject the idea of military action against civilian ships as it will not work and as it will only damage the reputation of yourselves and all us Europeans.”Martin Scheinin is Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the European University Institute (EUI). He is leading the European research project SURVEILLE (Surveillance: Ethical Issues, Legal Limitations, and Efficiency) which uses an interdisciplinary academic approach to explore debates on surveillance in Europe. The main results of the project are being presented at the State of the Union. He continued, “The main element of a sustainable solution is to create multiple and sufficient channels for safe and regular migration, including for low-skilled migrant workers, individuals in need of family reunification and people with special skills. With its changing demographics, Europe needs these people.”The State of the Union conference, organised by the EUI is an annual event for high-level reflection on the European Union. It takes place at the EUI campus in Florence and the Palazzo Vecchio in the city’s historic centre. The conference’s fifth edition will bring together leading academics, policy-makers, civil society representatives, business and opinion leaders to discuss four main topics, all confronting the future of Europe. These are the establishment of the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre, Europe’s place in the world, a new Schuman Declaration for the 21st century and the impact of surveillance in Europe.


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