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CITEK – Moving on with European innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 luglio 2015

citekSMEs in the Mediterranean have had issues in the past with knowledge transfer, cooperation and bringing together knowledge innovation communities but one MED financed programme plans to change that.The CITEK project is an innovative partnership that aims to promote public-private and institutional-technical cooperation that will support the transfer of innovative policies, guidelines, strategies and web-based tools, and identify and establish knowledge innovation communities composed of research centres, universities and clusters with the aim of developing innovative working programmes.
The CITEK project partners, lead by Marche Regione, have capitalised on the results achieved in previous projects of different territorial cooperation programmes and developed new web-tools and pilot actions that will ensure long term sustainability even after the project closure. The project is now looking to encourage people to join in and become members of the different project communities established during the implementation. They can share the knowledge of the final outputs produced and results achieved and take advantage of the tools developed.
The main project deliverables are: a) The Smart Specialisation Observatory (SMART MAP), presented as a map tool, provides a complete overview of the state of the art in relation to the definition and implementation of the Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) Mediterranean. SMART MAP is a tool where users can find the most up-to-date information regarding regional innovation smart specialisation strategies (RIS3). It includes filters on territory, sectors and KETs, and provides stakeholders with the most relevant information for their assessments and evaluations on the policies and activities related to the implementation of the RIS3.
b) An innovative and successful pilot action was developed. Considering the EC directive on e-cohesion, the work done on the open data application for the territorial cooperative project is quite innovative. The project opened data from the results of the previous European territorial cooperation projects capitalised in the scope of CITEK, and developed guidelines on how to open the data of the transnational cooperation projects.
c) To guarantee continuity of the activities started with previous projects, and in order to become a reliable point of reference for the stakeholders (public and private ones) involved in the project activities, work done on Knowledge Innovation Communities involved a great number of subjects who worked together on topics of common interest. Furthermore, the CITEK project individuated business members of the national clusters and business networks that became a part of the transnational business community.
d) An e-learning platform with training “pills” on business management and topics relevant for the business clusters involved was developed and will be available soon for all the users. All the pills come from free training courses or courses promoted by the project partners which have been converted into SCORM pills.


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