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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 338

WOW detained at Vatican at close of Synod on Family

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 ottobre 2015

WomenRome. Miriam Duignan and Kate McElwee Women’s Ordination Worldwide As the bishops were ushered out of the synod hall, Kate McElwee and Miriam Duignan from Women’s Ordination Worldwide were surrounded by police and briefly detained in St. Peter’s Square. Italian police informed WOW they were instructed to block our path toward the Vatican gate.
During three weeks of observing the synod, we saw initial glimmers of hope when Archbishop Durocher dared to suggest that the diaconate for women can and should be restored. Yet the lack of wider support for his proposal amongst Synod participants reminds us once again that the call to treat women as equal disciples is not a priority within Vatican walls. The ongoing practice to exclude women from discussing and forming Church policy has a devastating impact on Catholic women and families around the world, just as Archbishop Durocher mentioned in his appeal for inclusion.Women’s Ordination Worldwide joins the many voices crying out for an end to the obsession with doctrine that blinds so many of our Bishops to the reality of life for families. We need the Church to use it’s power, influence, and teaching platform to dismantle systems of oppression and institutionalized discrimination, to condemn violence against women and children, and to recognize women’s moral agency.To achieve these goals, the question of extending ordained ministries to women must urgently be discussed. As Sister Maureen Kelleher observed, women are condescended to and treated as inferior by many senior Church leaders participating in this Synod. We do not tolerate this kind of treatment and exclusion in our society, and it cannot be tolerated here. Recognizing women as equals participants in Church governance would help bring credibility to the Synodal process and would have an immediate positive impact on the Church’s ability to support Catholic families.


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