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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 348

Our wars and our dead

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 16 novembre 2015

Not wanting to make the conspiracy childbirth since the massacre of Paris. The massacre started at 21.20 on 13 November with the first explosion outside the stadium in Saint Denis that is located in the north of the capital. He was playing the friendly match France-Germany. In the gallery there was President François Hollande. Soon not very far from the first intervention other attackers made their way to shots kalasnhikov in various entertainment venues in Paris and that had its “peak” at the Bataclan, the historic ballroom, where there were no less than 1,500 young people to attend a musical performance. The other places were a Japanese restaurant on Rue de Charonne, a restaurant cambodian the “Petite Camdodge” Rue Alibert and the pizzeria “Casa Nostra” in Rue Fontaine. We know that the attackers were in eight but it is assumed that they had a tactical and logistical support of at least eight others who were able, after the intervention of police and SWAT French, to cover their tracks. Were, apart from the stadium, which was heavily guarded by police because of the presence of the head of state, the objectives that the technicians have called “soft targets.” The first reflection from the modus operandi of the commando: hit targets unattended with the sole purpose of spreading terror and have demonstrated contempt for life coldly killing of defenseless people and, once trapped with no way out, they do not have hesitate to blow themselves up. The second is that the targets are chosen with the specific intention of enlarge the jersey of the possible targets that even if it could not be supervised and therefore create the public the feeling that he could not defend in any way and that they will not know where they would attack the next time. Another important aspect is that they have planned the attacks and no one, first of all the intelligence services, they had got wind. What can this mean? We are in the presence of highly motivated people, who believe in what they do and how they do it and they know that in the end will have to die and accept this condition with stoic cynicism. In the end, one wonders what and who drives them to have many certainties, of contempt for life and themselves and others if they are not the mature fruit resulting from an aberration of the costumes, the excesses of liberalism voted for easy enrichment of a few at the expense of many and Western policies perverse before colonialism and then the post-colonialism with the classic “King rafter” brainwashed by the usual hucksters on duty, mostly Western in the name of profit whatever the cost. Yet there would be a remedy by closing most of the munitions companies and their businesses, adopting a serious policy of distribution of resources and avoiding making the salaams to dictators and warmongers around the world. A very serious error would instead respond with acts of war where to pay the higher price would be just the youth of the dance halls, restaurants and attending in large numbers in the streets and squares of the metropolitan cities. At the end we should be convinced that there are other wars that are fought but those of all of us not knowing the appropriate responses to the evils produced by capitalism and its laws. And their dead, unfortunately, are added to our bringing the barbarism in the world and where fatally victims are innocent and that both contentendenti are considered neither more nor less than “collateral damage”. For this reason we respond to those who wrote “Your wars and our dead” with “The” our “wars and our dead. (Riccardo Alfonso:


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