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The exhibition of Andi Kacziba in Milan VÌOLA

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 novembre 2015


Andi Kacziba1Milan 10th December – 20th December from Tuesday to Sunday – 10.00 a. m. – 1800 p. m. Vernissage 9th December – 18.00 Studio Museum Francesco Messina, 4/A Via San Sisto (Via Torino) The exhibition of Andi Kacziba in Milan VÌOLA curated by Sabino Maria Frassà. Milan Municipality along with the Giorgio Pardi Foundation and the association CRAMUM, sponsored by the Hungarian Balassi Academy, Rome, present VÌOLA by Andi Kacziba, organizurated by Sabino Maria Frassà. The exhibition is taking place in the Studio Museum Francesco Messina, at 4/a Via San Sisto, Milan (Via Torino) from 10th to 20th December. It is about the reaction and the survival of women subjected to psycho-physical violence. For Andi Kacziba – ex model and ex photographer of Hungarian origins who has been living in Italy for years – our society is violent also in the way it represent itself and women. Mankind has evolved, men think they are forever young, but the biological and reproductive time is still the same as before. A woman who suffers violence often submits, modifies and nearly annihilates herself. “Nearly is the key word and the turning point for VÌOLA” – as Sabino Maria Frassà, the curator of the exhibition underlines – “Man can rise and develop from the inevitable violence and the unalienable sorrow”.
For Andi Kacziba the generative element of human existence is never Violence, on the contrary it is the strength not to bend, the strength to react and be different.” Andi Kacziba will receive the visitors in a secret garden made of ropes and chinaware inside the Baroque Church of San Sisto, in the heart of Milan, now Studio Museum Francesco Messina
Andi’s “garden” is not the Garden of Eden, a place where to take refuge and escape from the world. It is a place where to find the courage to look at the World as it is, so as to be able to recreate it and make it work better.In the middle of this gothic garden there are Saint Veronica and the great Termitai (Termitaries) . If Saint Veronica represents the portrait of a woman waiting for a miracle which can save her, the Termitai represent the resurrection which starts from one’s own forces. Like the Termites when they create their large nests – says the curator of the exhibition – Andi has learnt that sometimes to create a new life it is necessary to destroy the Andi Kacziba2past completely, to digest and metabolize it.
Born in Hungary in 1974, Andi Kacziba has been living and working in Milan since 1997. Her artistic adventure, which started as a model and photographer, has led her to reflect on the problems connected to the woman and the conflicts of body and mind. Modern beauty often pushes girls to bulimia and anorexia: they destroy themselves because they do not accept themselves. In 2012 she creates the cramum award with Sabino Maria Frassà. Her works have been exhibited not only in Italy but also abroad. In 2015 Frangit Nucem (Palazzo Isimbardi, Milano), Mater (Palazzo del Governatore, Parma), Sale terarrum (Villa Litta) and Oltre (Italian Cultural Institute, Budapest) have hosted her creations.
Giorgio Pardi Foundation has been working since 2008 to improve the quality of life of the new generations. The Foundation in a non – profit organization in memory of Professor Giorgio Pardi. It helps the best young people in Italy in order to fight brain drain. Its motto is “To know, to know how to do, to know what to be”. The Italians must learn to overcome differences and join forces to face a more and more complex world successfully.


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