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Urgent need to rethink supply chains as global business environment changes

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 27 novembre 2015

oxford universitySaïd Business School, University of Oxford. With ongoing conflicts in countries such as Syria and growing uncertainty, inequality and political instability around the world, not only are we seeing a critical humanitarian situation but also a worsening economic one for the countries directly and indirectly affected. There is an urgent need to rethink supply chains, as the disruption to business increases with longer waiting times at border crossings, workforce and consumers lost and the potential for corruption to become more widespread.
A leading industry advisor on supply chain management, Wojciech Piotrowicz who has helped to inform the EU’s transport policy, along with Richard Cuthbertson, both from Oxford Saïd, have identified the major barriers to efficient and effective supply chain management in emerging markets and offer insights which many organisations will find valuable in the current climate. They highlight the need for a greater understanding of the business environment and the growing complexities and costs associated with it. Wojciech says: ’Operating in developing countries involves a high degree of uncertainty. While most businesses extending their supply chains into emerging markets appreciate that there will be significant differences from developed markets, many lack detailed information on the specific challenges they are likely to face. Here we offer insights into the unique characteristics of supply chains in emerging markets and outline the issues for businesses to consider. The risks associated with operations in emerging markets have the potential to impact the whole of the supply chain so it is critical that organisations are as informed as possible as they plan their operations, especially today when we can witness increasingly volatile changes in the business environment in Europe and beyond.’
A new book ‘Supply Chain Design and Management for Emerging Markets’,edited by Wojciech and Richard, helps organisations navigate through the differences between markets, emphasising the key issues that should be considered when extending supply chains to developing markets.
The analysis will help organisations identify the barriers they can remove or reduce, what areas they can control and those which they need to mitigate for. The authors differentiate between ‘hard’ factors which are relatively easy to identify and quantify (such as geographical environment, measurement, productivity and IT), to soft, intangible and difficult to quantify barriers (such as human resources and policies).


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