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The world stands up to climate change

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 30 novembre 2015

marcia per il clima1

Rome Italy, 29th November 2015To coincide with the Paris United Nations Climate summit this weekend an similar marches being held across the world, ten of thousands have taken to the streets of Rome to demand action on Climate change

For the third consecutive day, huge numbers of people around the world are taking to the streets to demand action on climate change. With world leaders gathering in Paris for the climate summit, people from the Pacific to Scandinavia are calling for a global climate agreement to bring an end to fossil fuels and the continuing dangerous rise in greenhouse gas emissions.Today, Oscar winner Emma Thompson, designer Vivienne Westwood and singer Charlotte Church, will join the demonstration in London. Marches are occurring in more than a dozen other European capitals, including Berlin, Madrid and Rome. There are marches in Durban and Cape Town, Beirut, Kampala, Seoul and Kiev. Already, there have been crowds of more than 45,000 in Sydney, where demonstrators observed a minute’s silence for those suffering the effects of climate change.The marches kicked off on Friday, with 60,000 people marching in Melbourne, in the largest-ever climate protest in Australia. Yesterday saw protests across the Pacific and Asia, with marches in New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Egypt, Cameroon and South Africa. In Johannesburg, a city built on coal fields, protesters carried banners reading “Coal kills”. More than 2,300 events in over 175 countries have united people calling for a world powered not with dirty, obsolete fossil fuels, but with clean, sustainable renewable energy. Security measures forced the cancellation of mass demonstrations in France and Belgium, so Greenpeace and other organisations created a digital link-up, #March4Me, which put nearly thirty thousand would-be marchers in touch with those who could march on their behalf.
Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace, said: “Across five continents, people have taken to the streets to demand that we change the way we power our world. In towns and cities across the globe, people have called for political leadership on climate change. They want a climate deal that keeps temperature rises in the safe zone, that calls time on the fossil fuel era, and that sets us on a course towards 100% renewable energy by the middle of the century. If in two weeks we have that, then Paris will have delivered an historic agreement. The people have marched, and we’ll be keeping up the pressure over the coming fortnight, but now it’s over to the politicians.”


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