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Journalists Message on World Day of Peace from Syria

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 gennaio 2016

syrian civil warCaritas Internationalis will launch a global 12 month campaign for peace in Syria in early 2016. The campaign aims to mobilise millions of supporters around the world to call for an end to the 5 year war that has destroyed Syria, destabilised the region and caused one of the greatest refugee crises in modern times.Caritas has witnessed years of senseless destruction in Syria: in the words of Pope Francis, “How much suffering, how much devastation, how much pain has the use of arms carried in its wake in that martyred country, especially among civilians and the unarmed.”
On 1 January 2016, Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo said, “We don’t want bread, we want peace! Yes to peace as a condition of life.” This message of the President of Caritas Syria coincides with the Catholic Church’s annual observance of the World Day of Peace.In this year’s message, Pope Francis wrote, “Indifference and lack of commitment constitute a grave dereliction of the duty whereby each of us must work in accordance with our abilities and our role in society for the promotion of the common good, and in particular for peace, which is one of mankind’s most precious goods.”With specific regard to the situation in Syria, Bishop Audo said: “World leaders must recognise that there is no military solution in Syria, only a political one. The international community must support peace talks towards building a national unity government that comes from within Syria.“The international community must cease supplying weapons to armed groups in Syria under the guise of arming the moderate opposition.“War and peace in Syria is certainly in the hands of the great powers. Nevertheless, we all can contribute to achieving peace here. First, we must sincerely desire peace and deeply believe that peace is possible. To do that, we must listen to the Syrian people who just want to live in peace.“In five years, Syria has gone from being a beautiful and self-sufficient country, rich in human resources to Syrians becoming slaves to the major global powers and regional ones like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Syria has been destroyed, made dirty, robbed of its beauty.“We’re now a poor country. We have lost our doctors, engineers, industrial leaders, our business community, graduates and skilled work force. Everyone has become poor, both materially and morally because of violence and religious extremism.“Syria is not just defined by 5 years of war, but rather 3000 years of civilisation, of living together and of cooperation between peoples of different backgrounds. Syria was in the past so strong and beautiful, and with that history we aspire to this beauty and force of life in the future.”The international community must restart negotiations involving all regional parties without setting preconditions. The first step should be a significant cease-fire, with concrete pledges made by all parties. Peace must come from within the region and not be imposed from outside.The international community must put the finances in place to ensure the reconstruction and development, while living up to their immediate responsibilities to provide humanitarian aid that is keeping millions of people alive today. While welcoming refugees with dignity and respect, we must work towards a Syria in which they can return one day. (Patrick Nicholson)

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First U.S. Crude Oil Export in 40 Years Sails from Corpus Christi

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 gennaio 2016

Port Corpus ChristiCorpus Christi, TX, USA – Following the United States government’s repeal of a 40 year ban on the export of U.S. crude oil, NuStar Energy and ConocoPhillips have loaded the nation’s first export cargo at Port Corpus Christi. The light crude oil sold to the international trading company Vitol, has set sail from Port Corpus Christi. Major investments in terminal operations at Port Corpus Christi in recent years have primed the South Texas port for a position as a leading exporter of U.S. crude oil. Deep water, dock space, and abundant storage along with plans for further channel deepening will accommodate some of the world’s largest tankers for efficient movement of crude and condensate from Port Corpus Christi. Port Corpus Christi is connected via intricate pipeline systems to the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale and to the Permian Basin. “Infrastructure improvements at Port Corpus Christi have placed our port in a unique position as a critical component in the export of U.S. crude and condensate. Port Corpus Christi’s deep draft ship channel and strategic location to some of the largest production areas in the US provides a secure and competitive supply chain to markets worldwide. Future capital improvements including deepening the ship channel will accommodate larger vessels that are required to cost effectively supply US crude oil to global markets,” said John LaRue, Port Corpus Christi Executive Director.NuStar has invested heavily in recent years to expand its South Texas Crude Oil Pipeline System and in Corpus Christi Terminal operations. “Based on our investments in Corpus Christi and our South Texas pipeline system, NuStar was well-positioned, equipped and staffed to immediately begin loading cargoes for export,” said NuStar President and CEO Brad Barron. “And we plan on further expanding our Corpus Christi operations to provide more options to our customers to move Eagle Ford Shale crude oil, whether it is being moved domestically or internationally. In fact, we are currently in the process of developing a second private dock in the Port of Corpus Christi.”(photo: Port Corpus Christi)

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Trump conquista i bookmakers

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 gennaio 2016

washingtonGli ultimi sondaggi lo danno in testa tra i candidati repubblicani e anche in lavagna Donald Trump lancia la sfida a Hillary Clinton per le presidenziali Usa del 2016. Il magnate newyorkese, a colpi di provocazioni, dichiarazioni forti e qualche gaffe, ha compiuto progressi straordinari in pochi mesi: dal 34,00 dello scorso agosto, Trump è ora bancato a 2,70 dalla sigla per diventare il frontrunner del suo partito, testa a testa con Marco Rubio (2,50), che però è più indietro nei sondaggi. Nelle scommesse sulle elezioni del prossimo novembre però, riferisce Agipronews, la scelta numero uno dei bookmaker è ancora Hillary Clinton, che a 1,58 è in netto vantaggio su Trump, secondo a 4,70 (era a 51,00 quattro mesi fa). Più remote le chance degli altri repubblicani, con Rubio a 5,10 e Ted Cruz a 6,50, mentre è lontanissimo Jeb Bush, a 14,00. LL/Agipro

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Finalizzazione dell’acquisizione di Elvi Energy

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 gennaio 2016

full sizeElectro Power Systems S.A. (“EPS”, o unitamente con le sue controllate, il “Gruppo”), società operante nel settore dell’energia sostenibile e specializzata in sistemi e soluzioni di stoccaggio di energia a zero impatto ambientale quotata sul mercato regolamentato Euronext di Parigi, annuncia la finalizzazione di tutte le condizioni sospensive e il completamento del closing dell’acquisizione, annunciata il 14 dicembre 2015*, della divisione Energia e System Integration (“Elvi Energy”) di Elvi Elettrotecnica Vitali S.p.A. (“Elvi”).EPS acquisisce il 100% delle azioni di Elvi Energy, insieme al 30% del capitale di MCM Energy Lab (“MCM”) – centro di ricerca e sviluppo d’eccellenza di cui il Politecnico di Milano è azionista – per circa 2,4 milioni di euro: circa il 48% dei proventi sarà reinvestito in EPS a seguito del futuro aumento di capitale riservato ad Elvi per il 33% ed al management team di Elvi Energia per il 78%, pari al 2.1% del capitale sociale di EPS. Nei primi mesi del 2016 EPS potrà inoltre aumentare la partecipazione in MCM e raggiungere il 100% attraverso una transazione che prevedrà il reinvestimento dei soci di MCM in EPS fino 76% dei proventi. L’operazione rappresenta quindi un vero progetto congiunto tra EPS ed Elvi volto a trasformare EPS in un gruppo di energy storage totalmente integrato sotto un nuovo brand e marchio “Electro Power System Group”. Il portafoglio di Elvi Energy include impianti ibridi per 4.6MW installati in 7 paesi, e sistemi di energy storage per 9.5MWh realizzati.Elvi Energy è specializzata nello sviluppo e produzione di sistemi inverter, PCS, controller e software per l’integrazione di tecnologie di accumulo (Li-ion, Pb, NaNiCl, e LiFePO) e generazione di energia in reti e micro-reti sofisticate.La transazione segna un cambio di passo nella strategia operativa di EPS nei mercati emergenti tramite impianti ibridi, soluzioni chiavi in mano per l’energia off-grid e di micro-rete che includono fonti rinnovabili e tecnologie di accumulo. La piattaforma Power-to-Power a idrogeno di EPS già assicura infatti autonomia a lungo termine e capacità di generazione a sistemi elettrici alimentati da fonti rinnovabili. Con Elvi Energy, il gruppo diventa il punto di riferimento per soluzioni integrate di flessibilità e capacità al servizio di sistemi elettrici sostenibili, perfettamente posizionato per fornire energia dalle fonti rinnovabili a un costo inferiore e in modo sostenibile in aree geografiche svantaggiate o isolate.Tramite tale transazione, EPS ed Elvi Energy forniranno soluzioni di energia pulita, sostenibili e fruibili, favorendo gli obiettivi globali del COP21 fissati a Parigi da 196 paesi. (foto: full size)

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