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Put ‘The Innovation Principle’ at Heart of Europe’s Economy

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 febbraio 2016

Mario Pinca“It’s time to put The Innovation Principle’ at the heart of Europe’s economic revival,” said Mario Pinca, CEO of healthcare service leader, Copma. Speaking in response to a high-level conference in Brussels this week, Pinca said that Europe is lagging behind in innovation and economic development because it is too slow to recognise powerful new products and services.
The conference, “A better framework for innovation”, was host by BusinessEurope, the EU’s leading business lobby group. Speakers from leading industrials giants such as Volvo, Bayer and BASF, joined European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen (a former Finnish Prime Minister) and Carlos Moedas, the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, to pitch a new direction for Europe’s regulatory pathways.
Alberto Rodolfi, President of Copma, remarked: “The Innovation Principle is a simple, straightforward idea, requiring that whenever the EU’s institutions consider policy or regulatory proposals, the impact on innovation should be fully assessed and addressed. That seems like common sense, but too often EU policy stifles innovation – Europe’s economy and consumers are suffering because of an overly cautious policy-making approach which favours the status quo.” The conference heard how one of the key determinants of business success in today’s fast moving markets is the capacity to innovate, adapt and exploit new technologies and business models. Conference sponsors, The European Risk Forum, said that if adopted and used well, the principle will raise awareness of the link between regulation and innovation; it will signal to global investors the commitment of the EU to promote innovation, improving business confidence.
“At Copma we agreed. It’s time Europe rebalanced its regulatory structure,” said Mario Pinca. “We are adding our voice to this week’s call for The Innovation Principle to be at the centre of European decision-making. We believe that its application will rebuild confidence in European markets and strengthen incentives to invest in innovation in the EU.”“More than that. At Copma we believe that existing technologies, such as our peer reviewed PCHS probiotic based sanitation system, need to be evaluated not just in the context of The ‘Precautionary’ Principle, but also The Innovation Principle. This means, simply, that there will be greater balance in regulatory decision-making, helping decision-makers become more aware of the trade-offs needed to protect citizens and the environment from risks whilst also supporting innovation.” “In our case, at Copma, we have developed a step-change in healthcare hygiene technology. At a moment when antimicrobial resistance #AMR is wasting patient’s health and healthcare budgets, our PCHS system is capable of substantially enhancing patient wellbeing and strongly impacting healthcare cost reduction.” “Evaluated with a series of independent academic studies, with highly significant results, PCHS faces persistent push-back by the entrenched interests of the chemical cleaning lobby. The chemical cleaning lobby benefits from an overly cautious regulatory approach, a pace of change which fails to understand the pace of innovation.” “Our probiotic approach is just one of many healthcare innovations across Europe forced to compete on an uneven playing field. For the sake of Europe’s economy, its patients and its citizens, we call on the European Commission to put The Innovation Principle at the heart of government, so that Europe can become an innovation superpower, instead of playing global catch-up with the United States and Asia.” (photo: Mario Pinca)


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