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Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS confirmed Friend of the Sea

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 16 marzo 2016

Barents_Sea_mapColdwater Prawns of Norway AS positively concluded Friend of the Sea renewal audit for cold water prawns (Pandalus borealis). Derived products can proudly continue to display the international sustainability seal of approval. The target stock is fished in the Barents Sea within Maximum Sustainable Yield. The Norwegian fisheries management regime is aiming at maximizing the long term sustainable yield of the living marine resources and at the same time protecting biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems. There are fishing quota established for each of the three Scandinavian countries operating in this fishing area and for each fishery. Accurate data on all catches is collected through an electronic reporting system.
Fishing does not interfere with Marine Protected Areas. The used trawls do not dig into the bottom of the seabed as the caught species live on or above muddy seabed. The boats operate from 200 to 700 mt deep at a minimum distance of 12 miles from the Norwegian Coast.
“Norway has for years been acknowledged as one of the world’s leading countries in sustainable fisheries management. We are now pleased that Friend of the Sea has re-certified Cold Water Prawns of Norway as sustainably harvested”, says Mrs.Adelheid Stenevik of Coldwater Prawns of Norway. Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS Since it was founded in 2007/2008, the company has increased its market share of Norwegian-caught coldwater prawns from just under 45% to more than 90%. During the few years the company has been in operation, CPN has become Norway’s biggest sales company for Norwegian-caught prawns. The feedback in Norway, and not least internationally, has been 100% positive.
In 2011, the company started its own production company in Senjahopen, Norway. CPN’s operating revenues increased from NOK 15 million in its first year of operation in 2008 to NOK 439 million in 2014. Our expertise and market share will ­continue to grow in step with our ambitions. With one of the world’s finest, purest and healthiest products, we are investing in the future.


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