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Humanitarian summit must address resource gap for local and faith organisations

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

Manila_ChinatownManila. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila says the way we help people caught in emergencies can be more efficient and effective by engaging local organisations, including faith-based institutions.The Caritas Internationalis president will speak at the Special Session on the Religious Engagement on the first day of the World Humanitarian Summit, which takes place on 23-24 May in Istanbul.
“We know that growing inequality, climate change, water scarcity, urbanisation, conflict for resources and the spread of extremism will put millions more in peril. We need a humanitarian system fit for purpose to address these growing needs,” said the Cardinal Tagle.“Despite local organisations, including faith-based institutions, offering extensive networks of infrastructure serving as a source of shelter, care and education, the current humanitarian system of donors too often fails to recognise them.“As resources are stretched, if donors want to reach more people with better quality help then they must utilise better the readymade tools that they have at their disposal. The World Humanitarian Summit offers us the chance to transform the current humanitarian system by giving local organisations their rightful seat at the table.”Caritas says the current top-down approach to humanitarian response must be replaced by an investment in local action, strengthening grassroots capacity, and improving partnership and coordination.
Caritas organisations from the USA, Austria, the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Sierra Leone and Niger will be attending the meeting in Istanbul.Caritas speakers include Sean Callahan of Catholic Relief Services and president of Caritas North America, Sabine Attama of CADEV-Caritas Niger on natural disasters and climate change, Chris Bain of CAFOD (Caritas England and Wales) on investing in humanity and Fr. Peter Konteh, executive director of Caritas Freetown in Sierra Leone on the Ebola epidemic.
The Caritas confederation is pledging to promote global leadership on conflict prevention, upholding humanitarian principles, strengthening local capacity, improving coordination and partnership and ensuring those affected by the emergencies are agents of their own destiny.

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EU-US data cooperation: Privacy and security not a trade-off

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

washingtonA delegation of seven Civil Liberties committee MEPs visited the US this week. In Washington DC the lawmakers met representatives from key departments of the US administration and Congress counterparts, including ten members of the Bipartisan working group on encryption. In Silicon Valley they met tech companies ranging from Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft to start-ups and NGOs such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and discussed the EU-US Privacy Shield proposal, the newly-approved EU general data protection regulation (GDPR), big data, encryption and hate speech/freedom of expression.Commenting on the conclusions from the discussions, Committee Chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) said:“It is clear that encryption is all about privacy and security rather than privacy versus security. Encryption enhances security of communications so as to make them safer and prevent data breaches, identity theft and cyber-attacks of critical infrastructures, thereby enhancing consumer trust on on-line communications. Legitimate law enforcement and national security concerns should be addressed within this context with front-door solutions while ensuring due respect of fundamental rights. The current discussion in the US on encryption and law enforcement consideration shows that an in depth and careful reflection process with all interested parties is needed before putting forward hasty legislation.”
On visa and border security issues, discussions with the US administration provided insight on the recent changes to the Visa Waiver Programme and discussions with the Commission on this topic. The delegation also took stock of current practices and measures of the US authorities aimed at fighting radicalisation, countering terrorism and violent extremism and terrorism financing.

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Toward the World Humanitrian Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

John Nduna, General Secretary of the ACT Alliance.

John Nduna, General Secretary of the ACT Alliance.

Renewed action and investment in humanity is needed at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul next week if we are to move from delivering aid to ending need, international faith-based humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance has said. In the eleven new commitments ACT Alliance as a network has made towards the World Humanitarian Summit, it has focused on the core responsibilities highlighted in the UN Secretary General’s report to the Summit, in terms of meeting people’s essential needs and developing solutions with and for those impacted; investing in local capacities, and putting people at the centre of the response through local and national empowerment and building community resilience.“Every day our members in the field doing humanitarian work are the witnesses of the hard realities that face people affected by natural disasters, diseases and epidemics, and conflicts,” said John Nduna, ACT Alliance General Secretary. “It is imperative that these communities are part of an inclusive system that empowers them. It is time to create a paradigm shift within the humanitarian system, and our expectation is that this first Summit should be a significant milestone toward real change in the sector, in which local and national organisations are more empowered to respond to their community’s needs.” The 140 members of ACT Alliance who together work in over 100 countries around the world, work directly with communities facing emergency situations and respond to around 25 emergency situations around the world per year, including the recent earthquake in Ecuador and the ongoing conflict in Syria. The alliance shares the majority of findings in the UN Secretary General’s report towards the World Humanitarian Summit. It has also endorsed the new Charter for Change initiative, which makes concrete commitments to shift power and resources to national and local actors.As part of its work to support the World Humanitarian Summit process the alliance has committed to significantly increasing the proportion of ACT members’ humanitarian funding that goes directly to local and national members and their partners for humanitarian response and emergency preparedness by 2018.“The commitments ACT has made in the run up to the WHS are about the changes we have identified as important and which we have been advocating for, both within and outside the WHS process,” said Reshma Adatia, ACT Alliance Global Humanitarian Coordinator. “We have used the WHS as an opportunity to commit to being reflective of a system that we want. Our commitments are about leading the way in how we respond to humanitarian situations.” “Like other humanitarian workers we do our best to help people overcome emergency situations, and there are no miracle results,” said Nduna. “We must embrace the issues together at all levels and work in partnerships with equal recognition, from grassroot communities including faith based organisations to national and regional leaders and international bodies. This is the most effective way to help change the lives of people in crisis situations and uphold the norms that safeguard humanity.” (photo: John_Nduna)

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Kuwait Extends Nomination Period For The 2016 Al-Sumait Prize for Food Security

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

Food SecurityKuwait City, May 20, 2016 – The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) has announced an extension of deadline for nominations for the 2016 Al-Sumait Prize for Food Security in Africa. The new closing date for entries for the one million dollar Al-Sumait Prize for Food Security is June 30th, 2016, with nomination forms available for download at Established in honor of the work of Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, a Kuwaiti physician who spent his lifetime helping the poor in Africa, the Al-Sumait Prize for Food Security is awarded for a research project or initiative the Al-Sumait Board Of Trustees deem to have made significant advancement within one or more of the following areas:Developing new varieties of seeds, crops or livestock which can improve the food security of the poor population in Africa by increasing the calorific and nutritional value of food produced and consumed domestically
Improving farmers’ access to agricultural inputs, techniques, technologies and markets so as to increase the availability of staple products that form a core part of the diet of the poorest people in Africa
Improving farmers’ resilience to climate change and extreme weather conditions.
Formally launched at a meeting of its Board of Trustees on December 7, 2015, in Kuwait, the Al-Sumait prize was first announced by the Amir of the State of Kuwait, H.H. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in November 2013 at the 3rd Arab African Summit.Kuwait’s Al-Sumait Prizes are a set of annual awards designed to honor significant advances in the fields of food security, health and education in Africa. Administered by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and a Board of Trustees, the awards celebrate the work and accomplishments of Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait, a Kuwaiti physician who spent his lifetime helping the poor in Africa in the field of health and education. The objective of the prizes is to recognize best studies, scientific projects, applied research, and innovative initiatives that have a significant impact and lasting influence on advancing progress to economic and social development in Africa. (photo: Food Security)

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EUROPOL report on terrorism, external borders and European Data Protection Supervisor

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

europolBrussels – Room József Antall (JAN) 6Q2 Monday 23 May 2016, 15.00 – 18.30 Tuesday 24 May 2016, 9.00 – 12.30 and 15.00 – 18.30. Presentations and debates.
Monday Illicit trade in tobacco products – Presentation of a protocol to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to eliminate the illicit trade, rapporteur Martina Anderson (GUE/NGL, UK) (15.00 – 15.40)
Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI) – presentation by Arie Ijzerman, Chair of COSI (15.40 – 16.45)
Presentation of the EUROPOL reports on terrorism: “Terrorism Situation Report 2016” and “Changes in modus operandi of Islamic State terrorist attacks” – Presentation by Manuel Navarrete Paniagua, Head of the European Counter-Terrorism Centre (16.45 – 17.45)
Temporary internal border control in exceptional circumstances putting the Schengen area at risk – Exchange of views with the Council Presidency and the Commission (17.45 – 18.30)
Tuesday European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) – presentation of annual report by Giovanni Buttarelli (09.00 – 09.45).
Joint debate on establishing and entry/exit system (EES). MEPs will focus on:
registration of entry and exit data and refusal of entry data of third country nationals crossing the external borders of the EU (09.45 – 10.30)
amending the regulation on the use of the Entry/Exit System – Presentation by the Commission followed by debate, rapporteur Agustín Díaz de Mera García Consuegra (EPP, ES) (09.45 – 10.30)
Fight against corruption and follow up of the CRIM resolution – Consideration of draft report, rapporteur Laura Ferrara (EFDD, IT) (11.00 – 11.45)
Votes – Tuesday 12.00-12.30
European Maritime Safety Agency – adoption of draft opinion, rapporteur Artis Pabriks (EPP, LT) (12.00 – 12.30).
Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Peru on the short-stay visa waiver – adoption of draft report by Mariya Gabriel (EPP, BG) (12.00 – 12.30).
Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with special regard to the Concluding Observations of the UN CRPD Committee – adoption of draft opinion, rapporteur Martina Anderson (GUE/ NGL, UK)
Hearing on “The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) and the European Union’s Judicial cooperation Unit (EUROJUST)” (15.00 – 18.30)

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Reaction to meeting with a Baha’i exposes the truth

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

bani dugalNEW YORK — A storm of furious denunciation, in reaction to a simple meeting between two friends in a private home, has dramatically exposed the duplicity of the Iranian authorities who have repeatedly claimed that their treatment of Baha’is is not motivated by religious prejudice.The encounter which has generated the controversy was the visit of Faezeh Hashemi, daughter of former president of Iran, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, to the home of Fariba Kamalabadi, one of the seven former Baha’i leaders who have been in prison since 2008.Tens of senior clerics and political figures were quick to denounce Ms. Hashemi, with a Grand Ayatollah even calling for her prosecution because of her meeting with a Baha’i. Another high-ranking figures described “friendly relations” with the Baha’is as “treason against Islam and the Revolution.” “Consorting with Baha’is and friendship with them is against the teachings of Islam,” said one Ayatollah while another described the Baha’is as “deviants” who must be “isolated” and asserted that meeting with a Baha’i is itself “an absolute religious deviation”. The head of the judiciary as well as its first deputy have confirmed the possibility of Ms. Hashemi’s prosecution which has been specifically demanded by many clerics as a lesson to the rest of society.
Speaking in New York, Bani Dugal, principal representative of the Baha’i International Community to the United Nations said: “What is surprising is the candour, the scale, and the high-profile of the regime’s reaction. From a Grand Ayatollah, designated as a ‘ source of emulation ‘, to senior religious and political figures as well as the executive organs of the government, consistent statements have now shown, beyond the shadow of doubt, that it is religious prejudice which motivates their treatment of the Baha’is. And in doing so, this collective reaction has laid bare the mendacity of the Iranian government’s representatives in international human rights forums and has flatly contradicted their claims. ” Ms. Dugal added: “Let this be a moment of absolute clarity for the whole world”.”Just imagine what it is like to be a Baha’i in Iran when even those who visit you in your home are publicly condemned in this way and are threatened with prosecution.”The meeting between the two women came about during a five day period when Mrs. Kamalabadi was allowed to leave prison before being required to return for the completion of her ten-year sentence.Ms. Hashemi, who is also a former member of the Iranian parliament, spent six months in the same prison as Mrs. Kamalabadi in 2012 after being convicted of “spreading propaganda against the ruling system.” The women who had not seen one another since Ms. Hashemi’s release were renewing their friendship forged in prison.”Despite the furor of criticism that has greeted this humanitarian gesture, a simple interaction of two citizens, there have also been countless fearless individuals — human rights activists, journalists, academics, and ordinary citizens — who have defended the right of Baha’is to normal human relations in their own country,” said Ms. Dugal. “But we hope more such voices will be raised so that the efforts aimed at the systematic isolation and ‘ othering ‘ of the Baha’i community in Iran does not succeed.”Ms. Dugal added: “The extraordinary threats and condemnation expressed by many clerics and authorities stand in contrast with the courageous statements and actions in recent years by several senior clerical figures and religious thinkers in Iran and beyond who have spoken out in favour of coexistence, tolerance, and equality for every citizen. We hope that the voice of conscience will lead the rest of the clerics to end their silence and to show that true religion cannot condone cold-hearted hatred, estrangement and apartheid.” (photo: bani dugal)

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Miami Residential Market Registers $1.04 Billion Total Sales in April

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

miamiMiami-Dade County residential properties totaled $1.04 billion in sales in April and all local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sales posted robust price gains, according to a new report by the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI) and the MLS system.The median sales price for existing single-family homes rose 9.6 percent year-over-year in April 2016, from $260,000 to $285,000. The median sales price for existing condominiums increased 8.0 percent to $215,000 from $199,000. Miami-Dade existing condo prices have risen in 57 of the last 59 months.“Miami real estate remains at 2004 pricing levels despite more than four years of increases,” said Mark Sadek, a Coral Springs Realtor and the 2016 MIAMI Chairman of the Board. “The growing scarcity of local distressed homes and increased properties selling in the popular price ranges is factoring in the rise of prices.”Miami real estate remains a bargain worldwide. A 120-square meter condo in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach cost $149,900 on average, according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Prices for the same condo in London ($960,840), Hong Kong ($776,280), and New York ($1.6 million) are at least five times higher.International buyers continue purchasing South Florida property. Thirty-six different countries, for instance, are represented among the buyer pool in one Miami residential tower. In Sunny Isles Beach, 23 different nationalities have bought preconstruction units in one condo building. This increased diversification of foreign buyers is the new norm for Miami real estate.
Historic-low mortgage rates should continue to attract future buyers. According to Freddie Mac, the average commitment rate (link is external) for a 30-year, conventional, fixed-rate mortgage fell from 3.69 percent in March to 3.61 percent in April, which is the lowest since May 2013 (3.54 percent).
Total existing Miami-Dade County residential sales — which posted a record year in 2013 and near record years in 2014 and 2015 — decreased 10 percent year-over-year from 2,689 to 2,419 last month.Miami-Dade County single-family home transactions decreased 7.6 percent in April, from 1,245 to 1,150. Existing condominium sales — which declined 12.1 percent, from 1,444 to 1,269 — are competing with a robust new construction market, which continues to add inventory.A 46.7 percent year-over-year drop in total distressed sales, from 767 transactions in April 2015 to 409 last month, contributed to the lower sales activity. Only 16.9 percent of all closed residential sales in Miami were distressed last month, including REO (bank-owned properties) and short sales, compared to 28.5 percent in April 2015. In 2009, distressed sales comprised nearly 70 percent of Miami sales.Short sales and REOs accounted for 3.0 and 13.9 percent, respectively, of total Miami sales in April 2016. Short sale transactions dropped 45.9 percent year-over-year while REOs fell 46.8 percent.
Traditional homes, meanwhile, are seeing steady price growth. Non-distressed Miami single-family homes saw a price growth of 1.7 percent in April, growing from $295,000 to $300,000.
Nationally, distressed sales comprised 7 percent of all sales in April, down from 10 percent a year ago, according to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).Total Miami residential properties combined for $1.04 billion in total sales volume in April 2016, about 10.3 percent lower than the $1.16 billion sold during the same month last year. The aforementioned sales volume does not include the strong new construction condo sales figures.
Mid-priced Miami homes are seeing increased sales. Single-family homes priced between $200,000 and $600,000 saw a 5.8 percent year-over-year increase in April, growing from 685 to 725. The sector represented 63.0 percent of total Miami single-family home sales in April 2016.Existing condos priced between $150,000 and $300,000 saw a 2.7 percent-rise in sales in April, increasing from 485 transactions to 498. This sector represented 39.2 percent of total existing Miami condo home sales in April 2016.The median number of days between the listing and contract dates for Miami single-family home sales fell 18.2 percent year-over-year to 45 days. The median number of days between the listing date and closing date for single-family properties dropped 13 percent to 94 days.For condos, the median time to contract decreased 14.3 percent year-over-year to 66 days. The median number of days between the listing date and closing date decreased 11.3 percent to 110 days.Miami real estate is selling close to listing price. The median percent of original list price received for single-family homes was 95.8 percent in April 2016, an increase of 0.7 percent. The median percent of original list price received for existing condominiums was 93.9 percent, the same as last year.
In addition to competing sales from new construction units, the lack of access to mortgage loans is also impacting existing condominiums. Of the 8,523 condominium buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, only 23 are approved for Federal Housing Administration loans, down from 29 last year, according to statistics from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and FHA.At last week’s 2016 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro announced beneficial changes to FHA condo rules are moving forward and are currently at the Office of Management and Budget for review.
The policy would streamline the condominium recertification process, expand its definition of acceptable owner-occupied units to include second homes not owned by investors and change the way it views co-insurance clauses. The MIAMI government affairs team advocated for the changes and continues to monitor and support increased condominium recertification.Nationally, sales of existing single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and co-ops rose 1.7 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.45 million in April from an upwardly revised 5.36 million in March, according to NAR. Sales are now up 6.0 percent from April 2015.Statewide, closed sales of existing single-family homes totaled 24,144, remaining relatively the same (down 0.6 percent) as April 2015, according to Florida Realtors. Florida’s condominium sales totaled 10,738 last month, down 5.3 percent compared to April 2015.
The national median existing-home price for all housing types in April was $232,500, up 6.3 percent from April 2015 ($218,700). April’s price increase marks the 50th consecutive month of year-over-year gains.The statewide median sales price for single-family existing homes last month was $213,000, up 9.2 percent from the previous year, according to Florida Realtors. The statewide median price for townhouse-condo properties in April was $160,000, up 4.4 percent over the year-ago figure.
Miami cash transactions comprised 48.6 percent of April total closed sales, compared to 51.7 percent last year. Miami cash transactions remain about double the national average of 24 percent. Miami’s high percentage of cash sales reflects South Florida’s ability to attract a diverse number of international home buyers, who tend to purchase properties in all cash.Condominiums comprise a large portion of Miami’s cash purchases as 62 percent of condo closings were made in cash in April compared to 33.7 percent of single-family home sales.Inventory of single-family homes increased 9.2 percent in April from 5,790 active listings last year to 6,320 last month. Condominium inventory increased 15.9 percent to 14,011 from 12,087 listings during the same period in 2015.There is a 5.6-month supply of Miami single-family homes, an increase of 12 percent from April 2015, which indicates a sellers’ market. There is an 11-month supply of condominium inventory, a year-over-year increase of 22.2 percent, which indicates a buyers’ market. A balanced market between buyers and sellers offers between six and nine months supply of inventory.Total active listings at the end of April increased 13.7 percent year-over-year, from 17,877 to 20,331. Active listings remain about 60 percent below 2008 levels when sales bottomed.New listings of Miami single-family homes increased 2.3 percent from 1,762 in April of last year to 1,803 last month. New listings of condominiums decreased a negligible 0.3 to 2,503 last month, compared to 2,511 during the same time period in 2015.
Nationally, total housing inventory at the end of April increased 9.2 percent to 2.14 million existing homes available for sale, but is still 3.6 percent lower than a year ago (2.22 million). Unsold inventory is at a 4.7-month supply at the current sales pace, up from 4.4 months in March.Most Miami preconstruction condo developers require a 50-percent cash deposit on new units. The deposit is not only one of the highest in the United States but is significantly higher than the 20 percent required during the last real estate cycle. The large all-cash deposits are a sign home buyers are committed to the Miami market.Developers are also being cautious not to overbuild. About 85 percent of condos under construction in downtown Miami are sold, according to Integra Realty Resources and the Miami Downtown Development Authority. Downtown Miami has about 7,200 units under construction, a considerably smaller number than the 18,500 the area had under construction in 2006.To access April 2016 Miami-Dade Statistical Reports, visit

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Almirall and Bicosome enter into a collaboration and sublicense agreement for the development of topical drug delivery formulations

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

barcellonaBarcelona. Almirall S.A., the global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, and Bicosome, a start-up company that develops and commercializes high performance cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical ingredients, announced that they have entered into a research, collaboration and sublicense agreement for the development of multiple topical dermatological products, based upon Bicosome’s proprietary patented delivery technology platform, Bicosome® Technology.In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Bicosome will be responsible for the research activities to deliver preclinical product prototypes using their proprietary encapsulating system and Almirall will perform the clinical development, regulatory filings, manufacturing and commercialization activities of the developed products.Under the collaboration agreement, Bicosome grants Almirall a sublicense to develop and commercialize products in certain dermatological indications. Bicosome will receive research payments and is entitled to potential development milestone payments as well as tiered royalties on future Net Sales and sales milestones.Bicosome® Technology is an innovative technological platform for skin delivery able to transport and deliver actives selectively to their site of action. This technology was created to solve skin penetration limitations, one of the biggest challenges for skin care formulators. Bicosome® based ingredients are able to protect molecules from degradation, to modulate skin barrier function without damaging the skin, and to penetrate and reach the desired layer of the skin, where the active ingredients need to be delivered.
Through this agreement, Almirall incorporates a unique and differentiated technology, already used and validated in the cosmetic market, to transport and deliver actives to the site of action in the skin. Products based on this technology offer advantages in improving patient compliance, stability of the active agents and the interaction of the actives with the skin.Thomas Eichholtz, Chief Scientific Officer, and Executive Vice-President of R&D at Almirall, commented: “We are delighted to enter into this collaboration with Bicosome, which once again demonstrates our desire to become a global leader in Dermatology and gives us access to a potentially breakthrough technology in topical drug delivery. Our aim is to leverage cutting-edge technologies to cover unmet patient needs in Dermatology through targeted innovation in R&D and this partnership is a good sign of this commitment.”
Lucyanna Barbosa CEO at Biocosome addressed: “We are sure that we encountered in the collaboration with Almirall the adequate partner to validate our technology in dermopharmaceutical field. Bicosome® platform provides multiple benefits in the treatment of the skin, boosting both efficacy and safety of products. We look forward for the success of the project to benefit patients with our new concept for delivering medicines into the skin.” This collaboration is another example of Almirall’s commitment to developing innovative products to cover unmet needs in dermatological diseases.
Almirall is a global company based in Barcelona dedicated to providing valuable medicines and medical devices through its R&D, agreements and alliances. Our work covers the whole of the drug value chain. A consolidated growth allows us to devote our talent and efforts towards specialty areas and particularly to further grow as a leading Dermatology player. We are a specialist company, enabling us to accomplish the purpose of taking our innovative products wherever they are needed. Founded in 1943, Almirall is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (ticker: ALM) and it has become a source of value creation for society due to its vision and the commitment of its long-standing major shareholders. In 2015, its revenues totalled 769 million euros and, with 1.800 employees, it has gradually built up a trusted presence across Europe, as well as in the USA.
Bicosome is a spin off company from the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) founded in 2012 and devoted to the development and manufacturing of high performance cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical ingredients using its proprietary patented technological platform: Bicosome® technology.
Bicosome core activity is the development of high performance ingredients from lab to industrial scale and their commercialization and licensing in a B2B fashion to Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical companies either directly or through a network of distributors. Bicosome has a proprietary line of cosmetic ingredients and develops as well tailored made ingredients with Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical indications.

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ESC Guidelines on acute and chronic heart failure launched today

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

laserflorenceFlorence, Italy – 21 May 2016: European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure are published today in European Heart Journal1 and the European Journal of Heart Failure, and presented at Heart Failure 2016 and the 3rd World Congress on Acute Heart Failure. Around 1–2% of adults in developed countries have heart failure. At 55 years of age, the lifetime risk is 33% for men and 28% for women. During one year, 17% of hospitalised and 7% of stable/ambulatory heart failure patients will die, primarily from sudden death and worsening heart failure.The 2016 guidelines include LCZ696 for this first time. This drug is the first in the class of angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitors (ARNIs) and was shown in the PARADIGM-HF trial to be superior to the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI) enalapril for reducing the risk of death and hospitalisation in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) who met strict inclusion and exclusion criteria. Professor Piotr Ponikowski, Chairperson of the guidelines Task Force, said: “The issue of how to include LCZ696 in the treatment algorithm generated a lot of discussion. We recommend that the drug should replace ACEIs in patients who fit the PARADIGM-HF criteria. The Task Force agreed that more data is needed before it can be recommended in a broader group of patients.”
Professor Adriaan A. Voors, Task Force Co-Chairperson, said: “Used in the right patients, LCZ696 will have a positive effect on prognosis. Adoption of LCZ696 may however be a challenge because patients and doctors are usually reluctant to change a drug they have used for decades. The cost of the swap will be relatively small compared to the new cancer drugs that extend life for just a few months.”A new category of heart failure with mid-range ejection fraction (HFmrEF) has been added for patients with a left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) ranging from 40 to 49%. It sits between HFrEF, defined as LVEF less than 40%, and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), defined as LVEF above 50%. Professor Ponikowski said: “There are no evidence based treatments for patients with LVEF 40% or above. Many patients fall into the mid-range category and this should stimulate research into novel therapies.”
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) is now contraindicated in patients with a QRS duration less than 130 msec after the EchoCRT study found it may increase mortality in this group. This is a change from the 120 msec cut-off in the 2012 guidelines. The indications for CRT vary according to the presence or absence of left bundle branch block and QRS duration.The concept of ‘time is muscle’ in acute heart failure, adopted from acute coronary syndrome, is included in the guidelines for the first time and demands urgent diagnosis and treatment.2 “Acute heart failure is a life-threatening condition and earlier appropriate treatment may prevent organ damage,” said Professor Voors.A new algorithm is introduced for the diagnosis of heart failure in the non-acute setting and is based on the evaluation of heart failure probability. “This algorithm will be more useful in clinical practice for general practitioners and other non-cardiologists faced with patients who may have heart failure,” said Professor Ponikowski. “It clearly defines when heart failure can be ruled out and when further tests are needed.” Adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) is not recommended in patients with HFrEF and central sleep apnoea after mortality increased in the SERVE-HF trial. Professor Ponikowski said: “We took for granted that ASV benefitted these patients. The trial was a big surprise and ASV is now contraindicated in this situation.”Novel recommendations to prevent or delay the onset of heart failure and prolong life include: treatment of hypertension, statins for patients with or at high risk of coronary artery disease, and empagliflozin (a sodium-glucose cotransporter 2, or SGLT2, inhibitor) for patients with type 2 diabetes.Professor Voors said: “We have better ways to treat comorbidities that increase the risk of heart failure. Several drugs for diabetes were associated with a higher risk of deterioration of heart failure but now we have an SGLT2 inhibitor that reduces the risk of heart failure hospitalisations in high risk patients, although studies with SGLT2 inhibitors in patients with established heart failure are still lacking.”Professor Ponikowski concluded: “Heart failure is becoming a preventable and treatable disease. Implementing the guidelines published today will give patients the best chance of a positive outcome.”

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Festival “Una Mirada Diferente”, del Centro Dramático Nacional

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festival madridMadrid 22 de mayo a las 19h00 en el Teatro Valle-Inclán de Madrid El Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Madrid presenta la lectura dramatizada musical Sex & Disabled People (Papero Edizioni) a cargo de las italianas Barbara Garlaschelli y Alessandra Sarchi, en Una Mirada Diferente, el festival de artes escénicas y discapacidad del CDN. “Una Mirada Diferente”, del Centro Dramático Nacional. Sex and Disabled People es una lectura dramatizada musical en torno al sexo y a la discapacidad en la que las distintas historias se centran en la relación emocional y sexual que se establece entre personas con discapacidad y sin ella. Un tema tabú que se trata con ligereza, humor y poesía por las dos autoras italianas Barbara Garlaschelli y Alessandra Sarchi. La música jazz de Luca Garlaschelli y la voz de Viviana Gabrini acompañarán en directo la presentación.
Una mirada diferente, el festival de artes escénicas y discapacidad del Centro Dramático Nacional, tendrá lugar del 20 al 29 de mayo de 2016 y tiene como objetivo principal mejorar la visibilidad y la inclusión de los artistas con discapacidad en la vida cultural.(foto: festival madrid)

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Il miracolo economico africano: this is (not) the end

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africa7Si è svolta ieri la prima conferenza ministeriale Italia-Africa in cui si è discusso su opportunità e problematiche legate al continente subsahariano. In questo studio SACE fa il punto sulla situazione economica dei paesi africani. Negli ultimi mesi la cronaca ci racconta di un continente in difficoltà. La crescita è tra le più basse degli ultimi anni e sono riemersi vecchi problemi come l’aumento del debito.La parabola del miracolo economico africano è da considerarsi effettivamente in discussione? Noi pensiamo di no.
Oggi più che mai è necessaria una differenziazione tra i 49 paesi del continente. E a fare la differenza è spesso quello che potremmo chiamare il Fattore C3: ossia quanto le 3 variabili – Commodity, Cina e Capitali esteri – influenzano il presente e futuro economico dell’Africa Subsahariana.
Lo studio evidenzia come le difficoltà maggiori vengano registrate nei paesi dove il Fattore C3 è elevato, come ad esempio in Sudafrica, Nigeria, Angola o Zambia; mentre i paesi meno esposti al Fattore C3, come con Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal e Costa d’Avorio presentino interessanti opportunità anche per l’export italiano.

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Dagli States al Canada: successo per le imprese friulane

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Aziende arredo

Toronto (Canada) Si sono ritrovate a Toronto le imprese del Fvg in missione con il sistema istituzionale ed economico regionale in America: gli imprenditori Ict Enrico De Grassi di Ikon, Federico Cussigh di It Services B2b, Fabio Valgimigli di Quin e Luca Gasparutti di BeanTech, in arrivo da Boston con i presidenti della Camera di Commercio e di Confindustria Udine Giovanni Da Pozzo e Matteo Tonon e il rappresentante dell’Università di Udine Antonio Abramo, si sono ritrovati con gli imprenditori di “Italia for contract”, lì presenti con Crassevig, Frag, Kenius, Molaro, Moroso e Fantoni, fondatori con Pratic e Neod del network di produttori che mira a diventare punto di riferimento per i progettisti internazionali alla ricerca delle migliori soluzioni per il contract, nei diversi settori rappresentati. E che sta portando avanti, con il format studiato assieme ad Asdi Cluster Arredo, una serie di presentazioni, approfondimenti e incontri d’affari in alcune delle principali capitali mondiali, come appunto Toronto.«Dopo le visite, con la presidente Serracchiani, a realtà come l’Università di Harvard, il Mit e Microsoft a Boston – commenta il presidente Da Pozzo –, le nostre imprese tecnologiche continuano la loro esperienza tra le principali realtà canadesi del comparto. Abbiamo agganciato anche questa tappa per presentarci su diversi fronti nel diversificato mercato nordamericano. In Canada, poi, siamo “a casa”: da anni supportiamo progetti per le nostre imprese in questo Paese, in cui anche le relazioni economiche sono facilitate dal fortissimo legame storico-culturale. Verso il Canada, le esportazioni dal Fvg sono cresciute del 24,6% tra 2014 e 2015». Come aggiunge il presidente Tonon, peraltro, «quanto all’export del settore arredo negli Stati Uniti e nel Canada, i dati sono interessanti: i mobili concorrono infatti per 81,6 milioni di euro alle esportazioni regionali negli USA, pari al 5,7%, mentre in Canada il comparto concorre per 9 milioni di euro, il 14%. Entrambi i Paesi si configurano quindi come mercati propizi per l’espansione degli affari, in cui il più favorevole cambio dell’euro rispetto al dollaro rafforza la competitività insita nel livello qualitativo dell’arredo prodotto nella nostra Regione».Un nuovo successo, per la rete di imprese friulana, che per tre giorni ha reso protagonista a Toronto il made in Italy; grazie ad installazioni importanti, si è toccato con mano il saper fare e produrre del Fvg, dal serramento al cemento, dall’ufficio alle poltrone in pelle. Intenso il programma canadese: oltre 200 i designer, architetti e produttori che hanno partecipato alla presentazione dei prodotti proposti al Salone del mobile di Milano, a seminari e ai b2b mirati con studi di progettazione. «È andata benissimo, un grande successo, affluenza ottima, location strepitosa. Incontri qualificati, architetti molto interessanti e soprattutto interessati a conoscere prodotti nuovi», commenta Francesco Crassevig dell’omonima azienda. «Bella esperienza, questa missione sarà costruttiva nel tempo. Il gruppo funziona, stiamo mixando bene i prodotti ma anche le persone», aggiunge Federica Di Fonzo della Frag. «È la conferma dell’importanza di fare sistema – chiude Roberto Moroso, presidente della rete Italia for Contract -, e di proporsi con forme nuove e complementari sui mercati internazionali. La nostra rete continuerà su questa strada anche per portare alta la bandiera del made in Italy nel mondo». (foto: Aziende arredo)

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Fumo, stop da UE ad aromatizzate e pacchetti da 10

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sigaretteA due anni dalla sua approvazione entra in vigore in tutta l’Unione europea la direttiva sui prodotti del tabacco che porterà a drastici cambiamenti. Immagini espliciti e messaggi sui rischi legati al fumo sul 65% della superficie esterna dei pacchetti, oltre alla scomparsa delle confezioni da dieci e delle sigarette aromatizzate. Sono infatti scaduti i termini concessi agli Stati membri per trasporre la direttiva Ue nel diritto nazionale, ma non tutti sono in linea con i tempi. Solo cinque Paesi hanno implementato la direttiva (Germania, Italia, Malta, Portogallo e Slovenia), mentre altri quattro l’hanno fatto in maniera parziale (Belgio, Estonia, Lituania e Regno Unito).Ecco cosa cambia con la nuova direttiva europea:
AROMATIZZANTI – La direttiva sancisce la graduale scomparsa dal mercato di sigarette e tabacco aromatizzati. Passato un periodo di transizione di 4 anni, sugli scaffali non si troveranno più, ad esempio, le sigarette al mentolo.
CONFEZIONI – Il 65% della parte anteriore e posteriore dei pacchetti di sigarette dovrà essere coperto da immagini e scritte con avvertimenti sanitari sulla pericolosità del fumo. Anche il 50% dei lati sarà occupato da scritte come “il fumo uccide”, che sostituiranno le attuali indicazioni su catrame, nicotina e monossido di carbonio. Regole analoghe saranno valide anche per i pacchetti di tabacco da arrotolare.
PACCHETTI – Saranno vietate confezioni considerate accattivanti per i consumatori, e in particolare per i giovani. Ogni pacchetto dovrà essere di forma parallelepipeda e dovrà contenere minimo 20 sigarette. Scompariranno quindi le confezioni da 10.
SIGARETTE ELETTRONICHE – La direttiva stabilisce un tenore massimo di concentrazione di nicotina, un volume massimo delle cartucce, dei serbatoi e dei contenitori di liquidi, che dovranno anche avere una chiusura a prova di bambino. Sarà obbligatorio l’inserimento di avvertimenti sanitari sulle confezioni, e non saranno ammessi elementi promozionali. I produttori dovranno invece notificare i nuovi prodotti agli Stati membri prima di immetterli sul mercato. Diverse decisioni sulle sigarette elettroniche verranno comunque lasciate nelle mani dei singoli Paesi. Scatta l’offensiva della UE, evidenzia Giovanni D’Agata, presidente dello “Sportello dei Diritti”, contro il tabagismo, che prevede tra l’altro, la proibizione di vendere confezioni considerate accattivanti come ad esempio i pacchetti da dieci, la graduale scomparsa degli aromatizzanti e norme più severe riguardanti le sigarette elettroniche. Il provvedimento avrà per principale conseguenza la diminuzione del consumo da parte dei giovani, ma anche una, talvolta drastica, riduzione sul piano generale. Il divieto, poi, nei cinque paesi europei, Belgio, Finlandia, Francia, Gran Bretagna e Irlanda, dove la promozione è totalmente proibita, non sembra nuocere più di tanto a stampa, edicole, festival ed eventi sportivi.

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Torna a suonare in Toscana la Leggenda dell’House Music

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mario_scalambrinPistoia 21 maggio Il Posto Nero Via Luigi Galvani, 4. Il Deejay Mario Scalambrin, icona della Musica House, da anni grande ed indiscusso protagonista della scena dance mondiale, torna ad esibirsi in Toscana sabato 21 Maggio a Pistoia presso la discoteca “Il Posto Nero”. La leggenda di Mario Scalambrin, originario di Imperia, inizia in Liguria nel 1992 quando viene ingaggiato come Dj Resident dal Covo di Finale Ligure. E’ solo l’inizio della sua incredibile carriera, perchè Mario, poco dopo, viene notato dal KAMA KAMA di Camaiore, tempio e istituzione della musica house negli anni ’90 e primi anni duemila. Mario Scalambrin e il Kama Kama hanno fatto letteralmente la storia del clubbing nostrano. Poi ovviamente arriva anche il successo anche in Europa: Berlino, Parigi, Mykonos, Ibiza, Austria, Olanda, Scandinavia.
Ha fatto ballare e sognare un’intera generazione, i deejay-set di Scalambrin sono impressi nella nostra memoria e da lì non se ne andranno mai.. e ora approdano a “Il Posto Nero” di Pistoia’. (Foto: mario_scalambrin)

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“Yolande o le ferite del silenzio” un film di Léandre-Alain Baker

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YolandeRoma Martedì 24 maggio (ore 21) nella Sala Squarzina del Teatro Argentina si terrà la première italiana di YOLANDE O LE FERITE DEL SILENZIO di Léandre-Alain Baker, co-prodotto da Inzo ya Bizizi diretto da Rufin Mbou e Les Films Du Paquebot. Il film, uscito all’inizio del 2015, racconta del genocidio dei Tutsi in Rwanda. “Dietro il silenzio delle vittime si nasconde la paura. Dietro i loro sguardi si nasconde la sofferenza quotidiana. Dietro questo silenzio si nasconde il dolore di ogni singola persona”. Queste le parole della sopravvissuta Yolande Mukagasana per descrivere quel massacro che, tra l’aprile e il luglio del 1994, nell’arco di soli cento giorni sterminò a colpi di armi da fuoco, ma soprattutto con machete e bastoni chiodati, più di 800 mila persone, uomini donne e bambini, tra cui il marito e i suoi tre figli. Rifugiatasi in Europa, Yolande Mukagasana ha ricostruito la sua vita e ha fondato a Bruxelles un’associazione per la memoria del genocidio e la ricostruzione, combattendo contro il silenzio che continua a pesare su questa tragedia e aiutando i sopravvissuti a parlare, raccontare l’indicibile e comprenderne l’accaduto. L’eccidio, effetto anche del colonialismo europeo e degli estremismi politici, ha colpito prevalentemente l’etnia tutsi corrispondente a circa il 20% della popolazione, ma le barbarie finirono per coinvolgere anche una percentuale di moderati di etnia Hutu appartenente alla maggioranza del paese che non condivideva l’ideologia della soluzione finale auspicata dal regime totalitario di Habyarimana. Questa guerra interetnica fra Hutu e Tutsi, conseguenza di una rigida politica coloniale di contrapposizione fra le due etnie, costituisce la radice scatenante della tragedia. “In un genocidio siamo tutti perdenti: sia le vittime che i carnefici – sostiene Yolande Mukagasana – dietro il silenzio dei carnefici si nasconde la paura, diversa da quella che provano le vittime, dietro il loro silenzio si nasconde il timore per la verità e la giustizia. Ho visto i traumi dei carnefici. Al solo pensiero, ne provo vergogna. Come vittima, non so se ho il diritto di commuovermi per la loro sofferenza di cui sono gli unici responsabili”.
Dal 2011 Yolande Mukagasana è ritornata in Rwanda e ha lavorato alla CNLG, la Commissione nazionale per la lotta contro il genocidio, con l’obiettivo di aiutare le vittime e i carnefici contribuendo alla ricostruzione del Rwanda distrutto 22 anni fa. Con questo film, Yolande o le ferite del silenzio, testimonia la sua storia e la sua verità su questo genocidio. (foto: Yolande)

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Aereo egiziano sparito dai radar: I dubbi si accavallano

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cairoL’aereo egiziano sparito dai radar, precipitato dopo una serie di virate, come hanno testimoniato rilevamenti della Grecia, ci ricorda, nella tipologia dell’evento, l’aereo Itavia , sulla cui esplosione si disse di tutto, dall’esplosione al missile, il tutto condito da depistaggi, menzogne diplomatiche, falsità. Gli elementi certi, in questa primissima fase, sono ancora pochi:
1) Il volo Parigi-Cairo che appare un obiettivo molto sensibile, con particolare riferimento proprio alla Francia, per dimostrare l’inconsistenza degli eventuali controlli.
2) Le virate improvvise, seguite da una esplosione, contraddice l’ipotesi di uno scoppio a bordo; piuttosto sarebbero giustificate dal rilevamento, da parte del pilota, di essere entrato nel cono operativo di un missile; virate che avrebbero dovuto illudere la ricerca termica del missile. Ciò giustificherebbe anche l’esplosione e la discesa rapida da 11.000 metri e 4.000, quindi la disintegrazione.
L’esplosione a bordo è molto poco credibile, perché la decompressione a 11.000 metri di quota, avrebbe provocato una immediata disintegrazione, e non una caduta libera di oltre 7.000 metri con disintegrazione tardive. E’ molto più credibile un missile.
Perché i media insistono ad avanzare ipotesi di scoppio a bordo? C’è, per caso una corsa al depistaggio?
I controlli francesi all’aeroporto Challes De Gaule devono essere certamente molto minuziosi; un luogo che scoraggerebbe un terrorista, rischiando di essere identificato. Ma un missile di chi?
Non c’è dubbio che in questo momento l’Egitto si ritrova in uno stato di panico generale, temendo di essere un obiettivo privilegiato dal terrorismo di qualunque sigla. Pur senza avanzare alcuna ipotesi, mi viene da pensare che, indistintamente, tutti i regimi dittatoriali, autoritari, con bassissimo indice di gradimento da parte della popolazione che li deve subire, da sempre sono stati tentati di cavalcare la paura generalizzata della popolazione, puntando sul rigore che, a parole, garantirebbe una sicurezza basata sulle risposte violente. E l’Egitto si ritrova proprio con una dittatura autoritaria… ne sappiamo qualcosa a proposito di Giulio Regeni. (Rosario Amico Roxas)

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Sanità: AIFI e ddl Lorenzin, la storia continua

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associazione fisioterapistiRoma. “Con la discussione di ieri al Senato è entrato nel vivo l’iter legislativo del DDL 1324 che interessa molte migliaia di professionisti sanitari e che avrà un impatto rilevante per il sistema salute di questo paese”, l’Associazione Nazionale Fisioterapisti (AIFI) commenta così la prima giornata di discussione del provvedimento. Pur riconoscendo la portata e l’importanza dell’impianto generale della legge, AIFI è in obbligo di rilevare i rischi legati al sovvertimento delle regole poste a tutela del sistema, poiché il ddl Lorenzin prescinde dai requisiti previsti dalle normative vigenti in tema di istituzione di nuove professioni sanitarie. Omettendo il comma 3 dell’articolo 5 della legge 43/2006, che dispone l’acquisizione del parere preventivo e vincolante del Consiglio superiore di sanità, si espone a un rischio concreto la salute dei cittadini.“Non si comprende perché la regolamentazione di un settore dell’attività sanitaria esposto all’esercizio irregolare o abusivo, debba svolgersi al di fuori del controllo giustamente riservato alle professioni sanitarie attualmente normate – dichiara Mauro Tavarnelli, Presidente AIFI – su questo punto, quindi, la nostra attenzione resterà alta, così come continuerà l’azione di sensibilizzazione nei confronti dei cittadini e dei rappresentanti politici.Rileviamo positivamente il segnale di attenzione dimostrato dall’aula, – continua Tavarnelli – con l’approvazione di un ordine del giorno proposto dai senatori D’Ambrosio Lettieri, Spilabotte, Cardiello e Cervellini, che impegna il governo ad adottare specifiche misure al fine di istituire ordini professionali propri per le professioni che superino i 20.000 iscritti agli albi. Aspettiamo fatti concreti dopo il positivo parere sull’ordine del giorno da parte della relatrice De Biasi”. Il Presidente Tavarnelli tiene infine a sottolineare che AIFI stigmatizza senza mezzi termini i comportamenti verbalmente violenti che la Presidente De Biasi ha denunciato di aver subito da parte di non meglio identificati fisioterapisti che certamente non rappresentano la professione ribadendo al contempo che gli attacchi personali e le minacce nulla hanno a che fare con il lecito dissenso che AIFI ha manifestato mantenendo sempre un profondo rispetto per le istituzioni e per chi le rappresenta. (foto: associazione fisioterapisti)

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Il mobile traina la crescita dell’eCommerce a livello globale

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sanità-digitaleIn occasione dell’eCommerce Forum 2016, il principale evento dedicato al commercio elettronico promosso dal Consorzio Netcomm, Demandware, azienda leader globale nelle soluzioni cloud commerce per le imprese, in particolare per i retailer della moda, lusso health&beauty e food, rivela i risultati del suo Shopping Index relativi al primo trimestre del 2016.Nei primi tre mesi del 2016 il commercio digitale ha registrato un aumento del 17%: l’attrattiva all’acquisto, che misura la variazione nel numero di acquirenti che hanno visitato un sito, è cresciuta del 15,29% e ha contribuito per l’89% alla crescita del commercio digitale, mentre la spesa per acquirente, prodotto della variazione della frequenza di visita, della conversione e del valore medio degli ordini, è aumentata dell’1,86% contribuendo per l’11%.Lo Shopping Index di Demandware misura la crescita del digital commerce e si basa sull’analisi dell’attività di acquisto degli oltre 400 milioni di acquirenti in tutto il mondo che transitano sulla sua piattaforma cloud. L’indice viene rilasciato su base trimestrale e prende in considerazione la frequenza, la conversione, il valore medio degli ordini e la variazione netta degli acquirenti.
Mettendo a confronto i siti di che hanno transitato nel Q1 2016 con quelli dello stesso periodo nel 2015, lo Shopping Index di Demandware rivela alcuni fattori principali in crescita o in calo. *
– Carrelli: il sorprendente aumento del 70% nella creazione di carrelli tramite smartphone ha portato a una crescita del 20% della creazione totale dei carrelli
– Colore: gli acquirenti includono il colore del prodotto cercato il 22% in più rispetto allo scorso anno
– Smartphone: entro la fine del 2017 sarà il dispositivo più utilizzato, se non l’unico, per fare ordini online
– Tablet: questo dispositivo, da non considerarsi a tutti gli effetti “mobile”, e la sua relativa diminuzione (quasi il 10% a livello globale) di utilizzo per acquistare online, sta piano piano venendo soppiantato dal suo più piccolo e onnipresente “cugino”, lo smartphone
– Android: in ciascuno dei mercati di digital commerce analizzati da Demandware, gli smartphone Android hanno perso quota rispetto a quelli con sistema operativo iOS – Tempo medio di visita: il tempo speso per ogni visita da mobile diminuisce del 9% anno su anno.

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Maratona digitale: 36 ore per trovare soluzioni informatiche per grandi aziende

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

maratona digitaleAncona. Due team studenti dell’Università Politecnica delle Marche si sono messi in gioco all’Internet of Things Hackathon, una maratona nel campo dell’informatica dove tecnologia e talento incontrano le esigenze del mondo industriale. La competizione, organizzato da Var Group si è svolta a Cervia dal 4 al 6 maggio. L’obiettivo della competizione era di individuare e realizzare soluzioni innovative ad alcuni problemi formulati direttamente dalle imprese, che in questa edizione appartenevano al settore della grande distribuzione e dell’alimentare. In particolare le soluzioni dovevano essere realizzate in 36 ore e dovevano basarsi sull’uso di tecnologie dell’Internet of Things (IoT), ossia l’”Internet delle Cose”. Un hackathon è una maratona di programmazione di durata non superiore alle 48 ore. Solitamente l’obiettivo è quello di presentare un proof of concept dell’idea di base.
Quello che si è tenuto a Cervia è stato organizzato come uno degli eventi all’interno della Var Group Convention dove è importante partecipare soprattutto per questioni di visibilità. Var Group infatti intrattiene rapporti commerciali con importanti aziende del settore ICT, come Apple, HP, Packard Bell, IBM. (foto: maratona digitale)

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Expert System vince il Linguistic Technology Award

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 Maggio 2016

expert systemExpert System, società leader nello sviluppo di software semantici per la gestione strategica delle informazioni e dei big data, quotata sul mercato AIM di Borsa Italiana, ha vinto il premio LT- Innovate Award (Linguistic Technologies Award), che riconosce l’eccellenza nell’innovazione tecnologica, il potenziale di business e l’esperienza nello sviluppo di soluzioni basate sull’analisi linguistica. La cerimonia di premiazione si è svolta ieri sera a Bruxelles, nell’ambito dell’LT-Innovate Summit, l’evento internazionale che ogni anno vede coinvolti i principali protagonisti del mondo delle tecnologie linguistiche, per discutere di nuove sfide, strategie, innovazione e opportunità di business. Expert System si è distinta per l’approccio innovativo, l’eccellenza tecnologica e l’approfondito know-how dei propri team di sviluppo Jochen Hummel, CEO di ESTeam & Coreon e Chairman della serata, ha consegnato il prestigioso riconoscimento a Charles Huot, Corporate Development Officer di Expert System, che ha così commentato: “È un onore veder premiata dalla comunità dei massimi esperti di linguistica la nostra strategia aziendale. L’acquisizione di TEMIS dell’anno scorso ha supportato la crescita di Expert System e accelerato il processo di internazionalizzazione del Gruppo, consolidandone il posizionamento di eccellenza nel mercato della text analytics e del cognitive computing. Continueremo nel nostro percorso di crescita puntando sul valore della nostra tecnologia e dei nostri prodotti con l’obiettivo di offrire soluzioni sempre più intelligenti e davvero in grado di supportare le aziende e le organizzazioni pubbliche a sviluppare la capacità di analizzare, correlare e valorizzare l’enorme patrimonio di conoscenze a disposizione, con particolare riferimento alle informazioni non strutturate.”
Expert System è coinvolta in diversi progetti europei, nei quali l’impiego di tecnologie più intelligenti, come la tecnologia semantica Cogito, aggiungono valore stimolando la creazione di soluzioni sempre più evolute nell’ambito dell’intelligenza artificiale e del deep learning, con particolare riferimento a diversi settori industriali (biopharma, media ed editoria, ecc.), ambiti specifici come l’analisi del sentiment e delle emozioni (sentiment analysis, emotional intelligence), e alle attività legate ai processi decisionali aziendali, dalla gestione della conoscenza e dei big data alla gestione del rischio e compliance, al monitoraggio dei social media, all’assistenza ai clienti, all’intelligence. (foto: expert system)

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