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Expert comment on a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid being hacked

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 giugno 2016

Warwick Business SchoolMark Skilton, of Warwick Business School, is a Professor of Practice in the Information Systems & Management Group and researches cyber security.Professor Mark Skilton said: “In the case of the reported Mitsubishi alarm system hack, the failures of poorly configured WiFi security access has occurred in other high profile cases in the past couple of years. They include the hacking of the inflight entertainment system in 2015 by security researchers on a United Airlines flight, to hacking nearly 100 networked traffic lights in Michigan by another security researcher with a laptop in 2014, enabling the changing of light commands at will.
“These are not a failure of the system itself. All these hacks exploited poor design of the systems’ security design. In all these cases the entry point has been compromised and it allowed the hacker to gain access to other systems on board that could include and threaten human safety. “This illustrates two critical issues of the ‘system of systems’; firstly to isolate access points to devices and systems that are used by the public as much as you would with secure private systems such as bank accounts or personal medical records. If professional researchers are finding this then equally hackers will also find these weaknesses.”Secondly, the lack of an audit and professional checking of these systems by manufacturers is more an issue of corporate incompetence when basic mistakes such as poor WiFi set-up and a lack of resilience in encryption procedures have not been followed.”Cars are increasingly having on-board connectivity to the internet beyond just entertainment and to the operation of the car itself. But, while access to email and websites is one thing, access to mission critical systems in any situation – be it a building, operating theatre or transport vehicle – is a whole different set of risk and security issues.”


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