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Barnebys, the world’s largest art and auction search engine

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 giugno 2016

BARNEBYSIf you have spotted a potential treasure at an online auction site and want to buy it, what are the experts tips for securing the item and avoiding pitfalls? Barnebys, the world’s largest art and auction search engine, covering 1,600 auction houses internationally with 1.5m monthly visitors, has a few important suggestions.There has been a revolution in online buying habits around the world and auctions are no stranger to this phenomenon. Many of the top auction houses – Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips – report that up to 25% of their bids now come in over the internet. There are also phone bidders and of course those people in the saleroom bidding in the traditional way, holding up a paddle number at first and then just nodding as required.The following ten tips are for those people who would like to start accessing this world of auctions online but are unsure about the process. It’s mysterious to many and confusing to some, but really its just another way of shopping. These tips should help you to get started and to have fun.
Barnebys offers a very useful free research facility. Instead of trawling through hundreds of auction house websites to find what you are looking for, simply insert what you want into the Barnebeys site and it will tell you who is selling such items, where they are and what they are being estimated at. In effect you have all the worlds major auction houses under one roof. And the service is free to site visitors. It is in effect a Google for the art and collectables auction world. So do start by creating a ‘search alert’ at Barnebys to be sure you don´t miss the thing you really want! Find out more at
The estimate is just an indication: Remember, the estimate for the item in the catalogue is just that, merely an indication of what the piece is worth. If lots of people want the item the cost can spiral, but if fewer are interested you might bag a bargain. (photo: Barnebys)


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