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Mark Climate Technology delivers total package to home improvement store Leroy Merlin

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 luglio 2016

VeendamVeendam. Mark Climate Technology delivered a total package of climate control equipment to Leroy Merlin. The originally French home improvement store has opened a new branch in Wrocław (Poland) in April 2016. Six different products of Dutch manufacturer Mark Climate Technology were chosen to provide heating and ventilation of the 10.000 m2 building. For the heating of the building 26 Tanner MDA water-fed air heaters have been installed with a total capacity of 1,500 kW. Additionally, Infra Aqua Design water-fed radiant panels are there to provide pleasant warmth where it’s required. The use of radiant heating makes the perceived temperature higher than the actual room temperature. This, in combination with a short warming-up period, can yield good energy savings. A total of 60 meters of radiant panels were delivered.
At the entrances and exits of the home improvement store 16 Mark Easyair water-fed air curtains were installed. These prevent the cold air from coming inside the building and keep the warm air inside. Also, 11 Ecofan recirculation fans make sure the distributed heat does not linger below the ceiling.For the ventilation of the building two Mark Airstream HWX heat recovery units with air amounts of 3000 m3/h and 4500 m3/h have been installed. The efficiency of the units equipped with corrosion-resistant rotary heat exchangers is up to 90%. This means that 90% of the energy produced is supplied to the fresh intake air.Additionally, a Tanner MDC with the air amount of 9000 m3/h has been installed. This unit is equipped with a variable-speed low-noise EC motor which can provide energy savings up to 50% at partial load.The entire range of climate control products include special control boxes operated both based on room temperature and constant inlet temperature as well as on the air displacement measured by the CO2 level. At the customer’s request, in order to stay close to the look and feel of Leroy Merlin, the units were all painted white. The entire installation was finished in 8 weeks.


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