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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 33 n° 335

Catella strengthens management of Catella Reavinstfond and Catella Småbolagsfond

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 12 luglio 2016

Erik KjellgrenCatella is strengthening its team responsible for the Catella Reavinstfond and Catella Småbolagsfond funds. From today, July 11, Henrik Gripenvik and Henrik Holmer will take over the management of the Catella Reavinstfond fund. On September 1, the team will be joined by an additional senior manager with extensive experience of fund management and a focus on sustainability issues in fund management. Martin Nilsson and Henrik Holmer will simultaneously take over responsibility for management of the Catella Småbolagsfond fund.“We are moving towards more team-oriented management of these funds, just as we have already done with the Catella Hedge and Catella Nordic Long Short funds. In addition, we will strengthen the management team with expertise in sustainability. This evolution of our management and our team will help to create additional customer value and ensure the continued high level of our management going forward,” says Erik Kjellgren, head of Catella’s Swedish fund operations.“The purpose of this change is also to create a clearer management philosophy and process. Catella will further enhance its position in active management while improving our processes in sustainable management, two areas that are central to creating customer value now and in the future,” says Erik Kjellgren.The teams now taking over will therefore replace Mikael Hanell, who is handing over responsibility for the Catella Reavinstfond and Catella Småbolagsfond funds. (photo: Erik Kjellgren)


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