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Safe and legal ways to Europe only solution to migrant situation in Calais

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 luglio 2016

calais campMore must be done to open “safe and legal ways for people who are desperate to come to Europe so that they do not need to put their lives in the hands on human traffickers”, says MEP Ana Gomes (S&D, PT) who Wednesday headed a visit from the Civil Liberties Committee to facilities for refugees and migrants in the vicinity of Calais in Northern France. Only by creating safe alternatives to the lethal businesses of human smugglers through political asylum, legal migration and family reunification can the flow of refugees and migrants be managed, avoiding situations like Calais is currently experiencing, she added.An 8 MEP strong delegation from the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee on Wednesday 13 July visited the refugee camp La Linière in Grande-Synthe and the day centre Jules Ferry close to “the Jungle” near Calais and met with local authorities, NGOs and the French-British border authorities.
After the visit, Ana Gomes (S&D, PT), who headed the delegation, commented:“We came to Calais to find out directly what is happening, what are the measures taken by the authorities, at the different levels, to deal in a human way with the afflux of migrants and refugees wishing to cross the channel into the UK.The situation in terms of inflow of people has not improved, because nothing has significantly disrupted the networks of smugglers, which make big money and reach far beyond the EU territory.Actually, all the security driven apparatus at the border only makes the criminal networks increase their smuggling prices and make more profit. And people keep coming… We saw two very different camps: One, in Grande-Synthe, has seen a reduction of people living in the camp and is successfully run by the mayor cooperating with civil society organisations, with no need for policing in the site. The other camp, in Calais, known as “the jungle” or “La Lande” provides now basic health services, protection for some unaccompanied minors and for women and schooling for some children but the lodging conditions are dire and there is heavy security and often inter-ethnic tensions.An increased administrative and social effort to persuade people to apply for asylum in France is needed. But it is also necessary to speed up in the UK the family reunification process for many of the inhabitants of those camps. Anyway, that does not solve the continuing inflow of new asylum seekers and migrants. Smugglers use any pretext – like Brexit – to feed the illusion that people will be able to cross the Channel. The only way to disrupt smugglers business is to open safe and legal ways for people to ask for asylum or migration permits into the EU in their countries of origin or of transit”.


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