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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 32 n° 312

Art in motion: Set the art in motion

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 agosto 2016

Marwan RechmaouiBeirut René Mouawad Garden (Sanayeh) From October 5 to October 12, 2016 ART IN MOTION is a non-profit organization, committed to establish a cultural dialogue through art in public space. Its interventions’ aim is to promote all forms of artistic expression, in a Lebanese context, while establishing exchanges with international art scenes to encourage meetings with the public and make art accessible to all. The organization was founded by Rania Tabbara and Rania Halawi, both independent curators. They both share a common vision of contemporary art and its critical role in our societies to “raise awareness and create a cohesive force.” Through various art events, exhibitions or performances, ART IN MOTION puts art in motion to pave way for exchange and encounters across the public of various backgrounds and strengthen dialogue between Lebanon and the region.
THE EXHIBITING ARTISTS Mustafa Ali (Syria), Ziad Antar (Lebanon), Bokja Design (Lebanon),Chaouki Choukini (Lebanon), Karine Debouzie (France), Nancy Debs Hadad (Lebanon), Yazan Halwani (Lebanon), Zeina Hamady (Lebanon), Ghaleb Amin Hawila (Lebanon), Nabil Helou (Lebanon), Thomas Houseago (United Kingdom), Abdel Rahman Katanani (Palestine), Vika Kova (The Netherlands), Hanaa Malallah (Irak), Randa Nehme (Lebanon), Marwan Rechmaoui (Lebanon), Lufti Romhein (Syria), Houmam Al Sayed (Syria), Xander Spronken (The Netherlands), Xavier Veilhan (France), Atelier Yok Yok (France), Ada Yu (Kazakhstan), Cathy Weiders (Belgium), Ghassan Zard (Lebanon) (photo: Marwan Rechmaoui)


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