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The most dangerous Wizard in the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 ottobre 2016

viktor-orbanviktor-orban1One year ago ESI described Viktor Orban as the “most dangerous man in the EU.” Since then, Viktor Orban has exploited the confusion and insecurities around the European refugee crisis, and the weakness of mainstream political leaders, to further expand his influence in EU capitals and in Brussel.
This week we talked to the Economist, explaining what made Orban so dangerous for the EU:”Mr Orban presents a unique danger, argues Gerald Knaus of the European Stability Initiative, a think-tank, because he injects a far-right virus into the bloodstream of Europe’s political centre. Fidesz’s membership of the European People’s Party, a centre-right pan-EU political group, gives Mr Orban the ear of Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, and other mainstream conservatives. Yet while he may spurn hard-right outfits like France’s National Front or the Austrian Freedom Party, he borrows from their playbook. He lays charges of treason against those who seek to import “hundreds of thousands of people” from “groups outside European culture”. Migrants have turned parts of cities like Berlin and Stockholm into “no-go zones”, his government argues.”Viktor Orban likes to present himself as a Hungarian hero, a rebel in the mould of the leaders of the revolutions of 1848 and 1956 – a man single-handedly opposing treacherous elites in Brussels and Berlin who seek to destroy Europe. We believe that Orban is more reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz:”Mr Orban’s rabble-rousing offers little to viktor-orban2policymakers grappling with mass migration. True, he saw earlier than others that borders had to be controlled before grand resettlement schemes could be countenanced. His scepticism about the EU’s relocation plan has been borne out by its failure to move more than a few thousand migrants, even to willing countries. But his acolytes have no answer to the problem of refugees already in Europe. His ideas on African migrants (build a giant camp in Libya) or Europe’s demographic problems (encourage natives to have babies) expose a fundamental unseriousness. Pull aside the screen, argues Mr Knaus, and the scary Mr Orban will be revealed as a shrivelled demagogue with nothing to say.”As the pivotal scene in that wonderful book describes, once the lion roars and Toto tips over a screen, everything changes. Suddenly:”all of them were filled with wonder. For they saw, standing in just the spot the screen had hidden, a little old man, with a bald head and a wrinkled face, who seemed to be as much surprised as they were … “I am Oz, the Great and Terrible,” said the little man, in a trembling voice. “But don’t strike me – please don’t – and I’ll do anything you want me to.”And then Oz admits quickly that he was all into making believe and humbug, a former circus artist turned ventriloquist. And that the Emerald City (Hungary) appears green (under threat of being overrun by Muslim hordes) because the wizard made everyone put on green spectacles: “… but when you wear green spectacles, why of course everything you see looks green to you.” (font: European Stability Initiative (ESI) (photos: viktor orban)


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