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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 34 n° 276

20 years of Europe! Our activity report 1996-2016

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 ottobre 2016

europe“It is a great honour for me to introduce this Report looking back over the twenty years of activity of the European think tank founded by Jacques Delors in 1996, especially as I have just become its President. This Report presents the main European issues and challenges on which the Institute has focused steadfastly since its foundation, through calmer periods and through crises, in order to promote European construction in accordance with Jacques Delors’ legacy and vision. It provides an impressive overview of the actions undertaken with European decision-makers and the general public, which acts as an important stimulus to pursue our work over the coming months and years. It goes without saying that the current questioning of the EU is an additional motivation to contribute to its revival with even more determination. The first three sections of this Report demonstrate how the Institute has worked tirelessly to “Reconcile the EU and its citizens”, “Combine competition, cooperation and solidarity” and “Bolster the EU’s role in the globalisation process”. A few examples of our publications, events and media appearances are given, all of which aim in particular to consolidate the European Federation of Nation States, keep European democracy alive, promote the right to freedom of movement and the Schengen area, deepen the Single Market, complete the Economic and Monetary Union, step up Social Europe, create a genuine “Energy Union”, think global and act European, improve relations between the EU and its neighbours, etc. I would, of course, recommend that you look into these many analyses and recommendations more closely by visiting our website The fourth section of this Report sets out the remarkable results achieved in terms of publications, the conferences and seminars we host or attend, our presence in European and international media and the number of our fans and followers. These constant efforts have placed this Institute, privileged and entrusted with the responsibility to carry Jacques Delors’ name, among the most influential European think tanks on EU-related issues.This fourth section also describes the developments rolled out within our governing bodies and teams over these twenty years of commitment. I am naturally moved and grateful to all those who preceded us in this adventure, and in particular to our Founding President Jacques Delors and my predecessors Pascal Lamy, Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and António Vitorino. This fourth section of the Report also presents the resources we have enjoyed over these two decades and lists the major partners, partners, contributors and donors on whom we have counted, and without whom this great collective adventure would not have been possible. They have my heartfelt thanks as we celebrate this anniversary, with special thanks going to the European Commission and the French Government. I hope that you enjoy reading this Report and that it will make you want to follow us more closely over the next semesters, in France, Germany, Brussels and throughout Europe.” (Foreword by Enrico Letta President of the Jacques Delors Institute)
L’Institut Jacques Delors fête les 20 ans de sa création sous le nom de “Notre Europe”. Il publie à cette occasion un Rapport d’activité intitulé “20 ans d’Europe” exposant les principaux enjeux et défis européens sur lesquels l’Institut se mobilise depuis 1996 afin de promouvoir une construction européenne conforme à l’héritage et à la vision de Jacques Delors. (photo: europe)


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