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Quotidiano di informazione – Anno 31 n° 301

There is a growing consensus that current narratives around poverty have failed and that a new approach is needed to create a good society

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 ottobre 2016

londraLondra. One that requires collective action from government, charities, business and communities and which is willing to try new ways of working. This was the message to come out of an event and special report, organised by the Webb Memorial Trust.
Andrew Curtis, senior programme manager at Oxfam, said: “There is growing consensus that the narratives used in the third sector, however well-meaning and right, have been rejected. Poverty is a term that is politically divisive, creates stigma and is highly contested to the point of still having to persuade people that poverty exists in the UK. We need to create a new way of speaking, to speak with those directly affected not for them, and we need to speak louder.” Olivia Bailey, research director at the Fabian Society, said: “Language matters. Talking about poverty describes the problem but it doesn’t generate enthusiasm for solutions. We need to find a new framework that is a rallying point for people to get behind a raft of policies. The American Dream tapped into that aspiration. We should think about the ‘British Promise’, which should be the security to know if you need help it is there.” Dr Michael Orton, Warwick University Institute for Employment Research, said: “A shared vision means not working in silos. It means consensus building. Working together should be at the core of what we do. Instead of launching into ideological deconstructions of that vision, we should [each] focus on the bits that we can work with.”Rys Farthing, a social policy analyst who specialises in youth and poverty, said: “Our ways of trying to create a world without poverty have been tried and tested and got us this far. We need to try every tactic we can think of to keep winning. Working with children and young people as a solution is a strategy we haven’t tried much yet. It might be a way to find some new pathways to progress.”


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