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“The Future is Our Only Goal”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 7 novembre 2016

alexander-rodchenkoMiami Beach Convention Center November 30 – December 4, 2016 Galerie Gmurzynska at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016. The careful selection of works across all sorts of media will feature artists such as: Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova, Ilya Chashnik, Sonia Delaunay, Mikhail Larionov, Lyubov Popova, El Lissitzky, Olga Rozanova and Nikolai Suetin among many others.Realizing this special exhibition (after unique Art Basel Miami Beach projects with Zaha Hadid, Baz Luhrman and Germano Celent to name but a few) continues Galerie Gmurzynska’s commitment to art historically curated exhibitions, not only in its gallery spaces, but at the venues of the Art Basel fairs, setting standards for contemporary presentations and displaying the enduring legacy of classic avant-gardes constantly from a novel perspective as well as intertwining it with the present.
“Within the 50 year history of the Galerie Gmurzynska and its specially curated exhibitions for the Art Basel Miami, it is our pleasure to announce, at the eve of the 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution, a special presentation of Russian Avant-Garde works curated by renowned curator and scholar Norman Rosenthal featuring an exclusive booth design by Claude Picasso, whose love for the Russian Avant-Garde has been a continued inspiration.The history of collaborations with Claude Picasso dates back to the mid-nineties with shows such as “Picasso Ceramics” in 1997, as well as the “Picasso” presentation at FIAC in Paris leading the way to the extraordinary ARCO Madrid booth in 1998, uniquely presenting the works of the Russian avant-garde in a red cube resembling “the form of modernity as a rectangle” (Malevich). In view of next year’s major Russian Avant-Garde surveys around the world by leading museums such as the MoMA, New York and the Tate Modern, London, we see our presentation at ABMB as a timely introduction. Galerie Gmurzynska, being known as the prime gallery for introducing Eastern European Avant-Gardes and their scholarly discourse to Western collectors and scholars alike since the 1960s, strives to reintroduce the emphasis of the freshness as well as the timelessness of Suprematist and Constructivist work in Miami.The avant-garde masterpieces curated by Norman Rosenthal together with the constructivist booth design realized by Claude Picasso will feature several creative narratives such as: Abstraction, Advertising, Architecture, Cinema, Construction, Design, Fashion, Figuration, Music, Photography, Poetry and Posters. This comprehensive selection resembles Tatlin’s famous quote to seek “not the old, not the new, but the necessary”, underlining the substantial fusion of art and life thus merging artistic practices and everyday life into a hybrid autonomy of a new art – and a new being. The Russian avant-garde was at the beginning of the 20th century by far the most advanced movement of its time.” (by Norman Rosenthal) (photo:Alexander Rodchenko)


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