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Europol: Democratic oversight and EU internal security policies

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 novembre 2016

europolMembers from national parliaments and the Civil Liberties Committee will meet on Monday from 15.00 to 18.30 to discuss the framework of EU internal security policies and the democratic oversight and scrutiny of Europol’s activities. Among others Julian King, Commissioner of Security Union, and Rob Wainwright, director of Europol, will be on the panel. They will also debate how to make the security union a reality and discuss best practices of parliamentary scrutiny at national level.The interparliamentary committee meeting is a follow-up to the new Europol Regulation that entered into force on 11 May 2016. One of its innovative features is the setting up of a Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group to ensure proper democratic scrutiny of Europol’s activities by the European Parliament, together with national parliaments. Ensuring the democratic oversight of Europol was a high priority for the Parliament when approving the new regulation.MEPs and representatives from national parliaments will work towards defining the modalities of the scrutiny body so that it is ready by 1 May 2017, when the new Europol Regulation takes effect. The meeting will be split into two sessions, each followed by debates with MEPs and national parliaments. The first session is entitled “Setting the scene – making the Security Union a reality and the role of Europol therein: operational cooperation, information sharing and trust” (15.10 – 16.30) and the second session will be “Towards an effective and workable parliamentary scrutiny of Europol” (16.30 – 18.30).The new Europol Regulation strengthened the EU police agency’s mandate in order to ensure that it is fully equipped to fight terrorism, cybercrime and the rise in cross-border crimes. In particular, it is now easier to set up specialized units to respond immediately to emerging threats. The Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group will oversee this work.


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