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MO.J gallery presents Jaiyoung Jeong, Park Seobo and Lee Ufan at ArtStage Singapore

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 gennaio 2017

art-stage-singaporeart-stage-singapore1Singapore 12-14 January 12:00-20:00 ; 15 January 11:00-18:00 Mo.j gallery has selected three artists – Korea’s representative artists including Park Seobo, Lee Ufan and JaiYoung Jeong , and exhibits their artworks with the theme of “East meets West”, in which, we believe, artworks can bridge the gap between the different cultures.These three artists have pursued their own unique philosophies and expressional techniques under the entirely different environments but in a common language of art.Korean artists such as Park Seobo and Lee Ufan laid a groundwork for the current art movement dubbed as Dansaekhwa, which features the beauty of simplicity in color and the power of restraint.Korean artist JaiYoung Jeong , who began his career 30 years ago, has lived and breathed together with these renowned artists in the same era of globalization, focusing on the Asian minimalism. However, his artworks are the most “modernistic” among these artists. « I want to express art-stage-singapore2the “present”, “modern times” and the “moment”. I pursue spiritual reality and draw spiritual reality. To express the present and the moment, one needs to look back on the past and figuratively travel through history into the past. » explains the artist, who is present at ART STAGE SINGAPORE for the second time.JaiYoung Jeong was graduated in 1990 from Hongik University’s College of Fine Arts, where he later earned his masters degree. In Korea, he received the Central Art Contest Grand Prix (1992), the National Art Exhibition Grand Prix (1993), among many others.Since his first solo exhibition in 1994, he has exhibited new paintings, drawings, and installations in biannual private exhibitions. His 40 solo exhibitions have been held in Tokyo, Berlin, Munich, and New York, and he has participated in various overseas art fairs including Art Cologne, Chicago Art Fair, as well as numerous European and U.S. art fairs. He has joined more than 300 group exhibitions at home and abroad. His works are permanently presented in Mo.j Gallery, in Busan.
Mo J Gallery plans to exhibit the artworks of these artists to deliver the essence of Asian philosophy. These artists have created their own work of art, which features beauty of restraint and formative arts and have pursued restrained minimalism of Asia.
Mo. J Gallery was founded in 2010 by Fan Culture Foundation based in Busan, Korea.The gallery has made extensive collections of internationally renowned artists’ work as well as Korean artists, working in Korea, who can be grown to be globally recognizable.In 2014, the gallery started supporting Korean minimalism artist JaiYoung Jeon through his monograph publication and solo exhibitions, and currently prepares to collaborate with major US and European galleries to promote his artwork along with planned exhibitions overseas.
Mo. J Gallery collections and exhibited artwork include Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Antoni Tapies, Christo Javacheff, Keith Haring, Damian Hirst, ,as well as paintings, drawings and prints of well-known Korean artists like Lee U Fan, Park Seobo. (photos: art stage singapore)


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