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Countries where women claim to have the best breasts make holiday planning easier this summer

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 luglio 2017

best breastTravelling internationally this summer just got a whole lot more enticing as data from a recent study has revealed the Top 20 Countries of Women with the Best Breasts, meaning itineraries can now be planned specifically to take in the bountiful beauty of the local ladies.The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to have extramarital affairs, dived into its data archives and confirmed more than 1 million women in 20 countries across the globe believe their breasts are their most attractive physical feature. The Top 20 list has been created using the percentages of women in these countries who have beautiful bosoms.Scandivanian countries take out the top two slots: Denmark comes out on top with 28.1% of Danish women claiming their cleavage is worthy of international travel, while Sweden heaves into second place with a sumptuous 26.3% of Swedish females rating their décolletage as their #1 physical feature.
The United Kingdom busts into third place, with 26.2% of UK women claiming their boobs are the best you’ll find – and might make the English seaside a little more appealing.
Almost one quarter of Greek (25.3%), Norwegian (25.1%), Dutch (24.1%) and German (24.1%) ladies will be showcasing their assets this summer, making each of these countries tantalising travel destinations – Germany in particular, as even if they don’t have access to a beach, German ladies aren’t shy about letting it all hang out in public parks.
23.1% of New Zealanders say their boobs are their best feature – it’s a long way to travel to get a glimpse of some Kiwi cleavage so tourists would have to be pretty determined to take the trek to NZ to see the locals bare their bosoms.
Just over one-fifth of Austrian ladies think their cleavage is prize-winning, while similarly Irish and Finnish women rate their boobs around the same level (20.7% and 20.5% respectively).While passion and beauty are in their DNA, Italian senoras find physical features other than their boobs to be draw cards, with just 19.0% claiming their cleavage is their best feature. Australians are potentially too concerned with sunscreen and covering up with wetsuits at the beach – just 18.3% say their boobs are the feature they like to showcase as it is the best their bodies have to offer.Surprisingly, women in Belgium (17.7%) and the United States (17.5%) rate their breasts similarly – less than one-fifth of both nationalities say they are top heavy and proud. 16.7% of ladies from Switzerland say their boobs are worth crossing borders for, and will have their most sexy body parts on show in the sun this season.Spanish senoritas are famous for their voluptuous and sensual figures, however just 13.6% say their boobs are their #1 feature. Just over one-tenth of Canadian women (12.5%) say their Canadian cleavages are the best in the world and worth taking a plane ride to take a look at.Just 9.2% of Czech women think their breasts are best, and with the gorgeous faces, silky smooth legs that go for days and blonde hair, its not surprising they choose other features as their most attractive bits and pieces.
South African women are bold and beautiful, but believe they have more to offer physically than their breasts with just 8.9% saying their cleavages are worthy tourist attractions.Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the list of Top 20 Countries of Women with the Best Breasts would make planning enjoyable holidays a whole lot easier.
“Imagine how much more appealing a family holiday would be if men have the best breasts in the world to feast their eyes on. This data is taken from self assessments any women, who intimately know their own bodies and have nominated their breasts as items that should be celebrated and showcased. These women have told us their chests are their #1 feature – and this summer, there’s only one way to find out. Just remember to pack your sunglasses so you don’t get caught looking,” Mr Vedal said. (photo: best breasts)


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