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Greenpeace activists scale Hamburg bridge to demand G20 leaders end the age of coal

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 luglio 2017

end coalHamburg. Greenpeace Germany activists have suspended a banner with the message ‘G20: End Coal’ from the iconic 50-metre high Köhlbrand bridge in Hamburg, demanding G20 leaders act to swiftly phase out coal.On the final day of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, the peaceful protest involved 65 Greenpeace Germany activists from Germany, Sweden, Spain and other European countries to unveil an 18 x 40 meter banner from the bridge, calling for G20 states to accelerate global climate action.Greenpeace Germany energy expert Susanne Neubronner said:”Only if the major industrialised countries swiftly move from coal to renewable energy can the most catastrophic consequences of climate change be prevented. Germany, as home of the Energiewende, and Chancellor Merkel, as G20 host, have an additional responsibility to lead the way.”US President Trump’s decision in June to renege on the Paris Climate end coal1Agreement means that the G20 Summit is a pivotal moment in the fight against global warming.While many of the G20 members have reaffirmed their strong commitment to the Paris accord, Greenpeace is urging the G20 states to not only swiftly implement the Paris agreement, but also to raise their ambition and go beyond Paris.
“The millions of people threatened by climate change or who are already suffering its impacts expect the G20 leaders to accelerate their efforts to reduce their emissions. This can only be achieved by ending the age of coal by a socially just phase-out,” Neubronner said.Global coal use has been declining since 2014, but in Germany coal still accounts for 40 percent of electricity generation. Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions are not declining: 906 million tonnes were emitted in Germany last year, the same amount as in 2009. (foto: end coal)


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