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ClearSale to Visit Mexico to Meet with Merchants on Fraud Prevention

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 agosto 2017

messicoWhile 4 of every 5 online purchases from Mexico are legitimate, issues with high chargeback rates and declines have created issues for e-commerce merchants and customers alike. ClearSale, pioneers in fraud protection and with extensive experience in the Latin American market, will be addressing these challenges during a roadshow to Mexico the week of August 28th, 2017.Executive Vice President Rafael Lourenco will be visiting Mexico during the last week of August to meet with merchants and payment companies with the intent of educating companies on how ClearSale’s industry-leading fraud prevention tools can help build consumer confidence in the region, while gaining a greater understanding of the challenges facing e-commerce in Mexico.The Mexican market has been a challenge for online merchants, due to a poor reputation for fraud. Chargeback rates from the region are 2.8 times higher than the global average, with decline rates in 2015 being as much as twice that of the global average.As a result, fear of fraud can lead some merchants to avoid transactions with customers whose purchases originate from Mexico. Worse, false declines can damage a merchant’s reputation, with 32 percent of customers refusing to return to a vendor where their purchase was erroneously declined.ClearSale is looking to change that, starting with Mr. Lourenco’s visit. The company already has extensive experience in high risk markets in Latin America, where ClearSale holds an 85% market share. The company uses a unique and innovative review process that has led to the lowest false positives and the highest levels of approval in the industry. No transaction is ever declined without it being manually reviewed by one of ClearSale’s on-site team of seasoned analysts.


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