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“Colori” Solo exhibition of Alexander Jakhnagiev

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 settembre 2017

Alexander jakhnagievNew York Consolato Generale d’Italia 690 Park Ave, NY 10065 3 – 12 October 2017 Opening Monday 2 of October 2017 6:30 p.m. the solo exhibition “Colori” by Alexander Jakhnagiev. The exhibition, curated by Pino Purificato, will be hosted at the Consulate from October 3 to 12.It will be a journey through the last works of Alexander Jakhnagiev painted for the audience of New York. 15 paintings and a video-installation illustrating the last performances of the artist will be shown.
Among the artist’s projects of great social and media impact it is worth to remember the “Crash Art” painting on accidented cars to raise awareness on road safety, hosted in front of the Italian Parliament in Piazza Montecitorio; “Umbrellas”, more than 2,000 painted umbrellas that completely covered a street in Assisi in a Land Art installation and still “Umbrellas” on the occasion of the Republic Day, during the Military Parade of the 2nd of June in the presence of the Italian President Mattarella; “Feet of Art” painting on the feet of the players of Perugia soccer team, whose prints on canvas were sold for charity to support children with leukemia; “Underground” and “Slavery” two performative works with homeless and with prostitutes of Rome.Alexander Jakhnagiev, son of the famous artist Ivan Jakhnagiev, has made over 100 solo exhibitions set up around the world in public spaces (the Italian Parliament, the European Parliament in Brussels) and private galleries. He lives and works in Rome.Jakhnagiev is a European artist. The bright colors of his works, his enthralling performances and his dynamic style tell about Europe and its people. They also talk about the plurality that characterizes the Old Continent and that made it a cradle and a bastion for freedom – both artistic and of expression. He is an artist of that European Italy that we are more and more bound to build. Benedetto Della Vedova Undersecretary of State – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


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