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InMoment Unveils New AI Algorithms That Predict and Prevent Employee Attrition, Reduce Turnover Costs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 settembre 2017

algoritmoToday, InMoment, the leader in customer experience intelligence, unveils the availability of new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that predict employee attitudes and behaviors, allowing companies to proactively prevent turnover and reduce the costs of replacing human capital. InMoment combines powerful machine-learning and natural language processing algorithms, predictive capabilities and human curation to offer a proprietary analytics solution. These new capabilities provide preemptive intelligence to employers, identifying individual employees likely to leave the organization. Armed with these predictive insights, employers can take preventative measures to prevent attrition, reducing turnover costs.This groundbreaking technology, coupled with a new “Employee Journey” approach, offers organizations a disruptive way to finding, engaging and retaining top talent.
“The human beings in your organization — whether customers or employees — are a rich source of intelligence about where and how to improve your business,” said JD Nyland, InMoment’s chief product officer. “The last few years have seen massive investment in the customer experience (CX). Now, the same powerful analytics we’ve applied to customer experience are available to unlock even more business value inside the employee experience.” InMoment’s leading AI technology analyzes the points of truth along an employee journey, informs employers about why and when an employee becomes disengaged, then alerts managers so they can take the most effective course of action. In addition, the technology has the ability to identify top talent for prioritized intervention.This approach leverages AI to accelerate and automate employee understanding, and to augment human intelligence for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Features include: A feedback cadence that gives businesses a variety of options from periodic queries and real-time check-ins, to moment-of-truth listening points throughout the employee journey Employee-tuned text analytics that decode attitudinal and behavioral insights inherent in unstructured data;
Real-time alerts and dashboards that identify and prioritize action to save at-risk top performers;
Advanced AI algorithms and analytics that link employee experiences to turnover, productivity, profit, and other human capital metrics, macro-industry and economic factors, and employee socio-demographics.


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