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Multi-omic data analytics collaboration between the University of Oxford and Holmusk

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 4 ottobre 2017

singapore-marinaSINGAPORE/PRNewswire/The University of Oxford and Holmusk, a digital health and data analytic company, signed a data transfer agreement to collaborate in investigating metabolism in type 2 diabetes.The collaboration will establish a working relationship between The University of Oxford and Holmusk to obtain and construct models based on metabolic and metabolomic data in type 2 diabetic hearts. The objective is to produce metabolic pathway models, to predict changes in metabolism in the diabetic heart. This will not only provide insights on the mechanisms that drive abnormal cardiac metabolism but it will also enable us to identify new therapeutic targets for type 2 diabetes.Dr. Lisa Heather will be leading the research for this collaboration from the University of Oxford while Dr. Latt Mansor, Director, Business Development and Joydeep Sarkar, Director of Data Science will be leading the initiative from Holmusk. Dr. Latt Mansor, who was Dr. Heather’s first DPhil graduate, is excited to work with his alma mater and be a part of the team to expand current understanding of diabetic metabolism using academic research data and data analytics. His passion has always been to bring together academic research and industry expertise.Nawal Roy, founder and CEO of Holmusk, stated that there should be more collaborations of this nature between industry and academia to optimise the valuable skillsets that both parties can bring to the table. He hopes that the combined international talent pool from both University of Oxford and Holmusk can accelerate knowledge generation as well as create insights for innovation in the healthcare ecosystem.


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