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October is ‘Payments Analytics Month’

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 4 ottobre 2017

Omaha-based analytics and consulting firm, The Strawhecker Group (TSG), has marked October as ‘Payments Analytics Month.’ The firm will use this month to highlight the strategic importance of using analytics to enhance decision making while providing payments industry players with a bevy of powerful data.
“This used to be a ‘spread the peanut butter’ business, where a company would treat all of its customers the same. Now, the innovators in the industry are using analytics powered by TSG’s dataset of $1 trillion in card volume to not only benchmark their performance, but more importantly, to enhance tactical initiatives,” said Mike Strawhecker, Principal at TSG.Each week in October TSG will release data on a new topic relevant to the industry. In the first week, the firm will highlight economic performance and how it relates to the payments ecosystem through its U.S. Economic Indicators Report published in conjunction with the Electronic Transactions Association. Additionally, the firm will illustrate findings built from its Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM) data warehouse. AIM holds over seven years of data on over 3.5M card-accepting merchants in the U.S.
“In 2007, none of the top 40 U.S. merchant acquiring companies were using dynamic market data. Now, nearly half of the top 40 acquirers are using it to monitor and manage their business,” added Strawhecker.Follow TSG, by subscribing here, to guarantee access to the firm’s releases throughout ‘Payments Analytics Month.’ Additionally, watch on social media for a stream of ‘quick-facts’ you may find useful.Over the last decade TSG has transformed from a traditional boutique consulting firm into an analytics focused company. Together, TSG’s analytics and consulting create an intangible value that has helped guide the world’s leading payment players, from fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies.


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