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Phoenix Health Systems Ranked First by Black Book Research for Comprehensive Hospital IT Outsourcing

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 4 ottobre 2017

Phoenix Health Systems, the leading independent provider of hospital IT outsourcing and consulting services, has been recognized by market and public opinion research firm Black Book Research as first among the top 20 non-EHR centric hospital IT outsourcing companies. From a field of 68 qualified IT outsourcing organizations, Phoenix Health is one of only seven vendors who were recognized for “exceeding expectations” on all 18 Black Book key performance indicators. For Black Book’s 2017 survey, the company polled 1,587 users of IT outsourcing solutions, including 807 hospital CIOs and IT leaders, as well as 89 CFOs, to assess their confidence in partnering with outside IT support contractors and determine which partners they found the most professional and reliable.
“We are honored and humbled to be recognized by such a prestigious organization, especially given Black Book’s reputation for impartiality and data-driven assessment,” said Ronald L. Gue, Ph.D., president of Phoenix Health. “As Black Book says, engaging firms with insufficient healthcare experience or knowledge of industry issues is risky, which is why our fundamental concern is eliminating risk for our clients. At their core, the Black Book rankings are recognition of how professional and knowledgeable the Phoenix Health team is, and I’m grateful every day for how good they are. This confirmation that our clients also recognize our hard work is especially satisfying and inspiring.” Recognizing that “Movement toward patient-centric and value-based approaches is fueling the growth of infrastructure outsourcing,” the Black Book survey noted that shifts among healthcare organizations to ‘as-a-service’ infrastructure models has left many less than satisfied with their outsourcing experience. The strongest contributor to dissatisfaction came from the 77 percent of organizations that used vendors with limited experience in healthcare IT outsourcing.This dip in satisfaction has not, however, reduced outsourcing; around 82 percent of hospitals—“a record number,” per Black Book—have either signed IT outsourcing contracts since mid-2016 or are currently considering an outsourcing vendor, illustrating the current complexity of the healthcare IT marketplace and the need for proven, seasoned partners.Black Book also says that 83 percent of providers with more than 100 beds have made complex IT outsourcing a priority this year, and 34 percent plan to increase IT outsourcing over the next two years; in both cases, return on investment and immediate access to trained staff and needed technology are the primary motivators.


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