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What Singapore Can Teach The Rest of the World About Education

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 ottobre 2017

singapore-marinaSingapore. CMRubinWorld’s new interview with global education thought leader and author, Pak Tee Ng, focuses on how Singapore consistently updates it’s education system to stay on top of trends in a rapidly changing world. It is no secret that Singapore has one of the strongest education systems in the world. However, this has not stopped Singapore from continuing to build on its position of strength, which includes learning from other education systems around the world. In a recent interview with CMRubinWorld, Pak Tee Ng says that Singapore’s education system is constantly focused on how best to prepare youth for the obstacles they will face in the future. “We change when we are strong rather than wait until we are desperate. Then we can change in a more mindful and reflective manner. Work has begun much earlier but we are putting in more efforts to emphasize values inculcation, lifelong learning, holistic education and 21st century skills. We hope to encourage joyful learning and help our students develop resilience and an entrepreneurial spirit.” Pak Tee Ng. explains that “efficient and effective learning” are the goals in Singapore schools but that educators today are “much more mindful and intentional about making the learning process a joyful one, so that students develop an intrinsic desire for lifelong learning. Then, they will be better prepared to deal with future complex challenges.” In terms of the role of teachers in Singapore’s model, Pak Tee Ng says change “requires teachers to examine their teaching methods to engage their students better.” And on the subject of curriculum, he notes educators are “making content more relevant to real life and giving students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills learned in school in authentic work settings.”
Pak Tee Ng is Associate Dean, Leadership Learning, Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning, and Head and Associate Professor, Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group, at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Republic of Singapore.


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