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History of painters and Theatre Ninth book

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 ottobre 2017

history of paintersKindle Edition by Riccardo Alfonso Angelo Capasso in “Notes from the ocean” of Chris Davis wrote: “Painting is the producer of a totalling effort that includes every part of the body and it is this particular characteristic, as ancient as the origins of paintings itself that distinguished it from every other expressive language.
Every painting is the distillation of the continuum of movements that involves both upper and lower limbs, as the agents of what the sense registers and the mind manipulates.The analogy between painting and dance is prominently evident in the origin of painting where it aquires a ritual character by virtue of being a form of movement that leaves it trace in both time and space.”
From this perspective, I can say that the painters were able to convey a message of great power and fascination that has managed to overcome their time and become immortal. There are, of course, differences in the painting but the spirit is common. We observing a painting that dates back several centuries before we can recognize the value of art that does not bend to the logic of the time but it makes us feel closer to the artist, to understand and to share his feelings.
It ‘nice to establish a continuity of thought and ideals through painting so is poetry, fiction, and other fine arts such as dance, sculpture and music. They are expressions of our thoughts that ennoble us and redeem our wickedness, our pettiness and cruelty to our fellow man and nature. There are great painters who have given us strong emotions but in my books I want to accompany them with the many who are little known, off their ardour in the space of one or at most two generations yet have left their traces that now because I want to propose, in my opinion, I think it is important their contribution.
“Every painter – writes Capasso – is potentially a dancer and shares an intuitive sensuality and awareness of movement and form.
A ritualistic dance defies rime and toys with Death. Every painter, in own way, ha challenged mortality, despite the awareness of the limited weapons at his disposal the brush, the canvas and the paints. Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, Dalì, De Chirico, Bacon, Jackson Pollock and Warhol are some of those belonging to this heroic mythology. Each painter has pitred himself against God trying to prevail with the timing, the speed, the nimbleness of his choices and the unpredictability of the results.”


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