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Dubai media dutifully responds to worldwide criticism of the UAE, but severe state censorship casts doubt on journalists integrity

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 18 ottobre 2017

Dubai Government Media OfficeAfter weeks of unwelcome worldwide attention on the treatment of foreigners in the UAE, the country has broken their silence and responded. Brit Jamil Mukadam was arrested and faced jail for a rude gesture in traffic to a driver who almost killed him by cutting him off at speed. Scottish family man Billy Barclay unknowingly changed a fake £20 note and spent weeks of misery detained in Dubai. Currently the world is watching the horrifying case of Jamie Harron, the popular young Scotsman who inadvertently touched the middle aged Jordanian/German Managing Director of giant gas company Neuman & Esser as he tried not to spill his drink on the man. It seems Emad Tabaza’s sense of pride was hurt at this intrusion, and the important man called the police to have Jamie arrested. Happy go lucky. Popular, fun loving, young Scotsman Jamie Harron before his Middle east nightmare started
Jamie spent days in a filthy, crowded cell unable to wash or clean his teeth before finding out he was being charged with sexual assault. Jamie has been detained for 5 months so far, he has lost his job, his house, all his savings and run up substantial debts. He is looking at years in jails so bad that UK courts consistently refuse to extradite people there.
Emad Tabaza, Managing Director of German mechanical engineering giant Neuman & Esser. The powerful man who had Jamie Harron imprisoned over a cultural misunderstanding.Incredible as this may seem to people in free societies, journalists in the UAE have to sell the unelected regime’s version of events and here is what the accusations sound like: Young, straight, popular, good looking Jamie, suddenly went mad with lust for a portly middle aged stranger, started groping the man’s behind, to the point where Jamie wouldn’t take no for an answer, and when the powerful company boss rebuffed him, Jamie gave him the middle finger in frustration. David Haigh, managing partner at Stirling Haigh commented “their story just does not make sense. It is not feasible that Jamie would be approaching Emad is this way”.
UAE journalists have to go along with the story, or print nothing at all, because disputing the UAE official line can land you in jail. Do it enough and you risk ‘disappearing Two news outlets did try to get behind the state friendly version of events. The National wrote about it but were gracious enough to contrast the implausible story with Jamie’s own account. The juxtapositioning here could be said to be a brave, tongue in cheek attempt to highlight the absurdity of the case.No such subtlety from Caitlyn emad tabazaDavey of Lovin Dubai who wrote a scathing article condemning Jamie and backing the complainant’s story at face value. Caitlyn zealously defends the totalitarian regime and vigorously denounces UAE visitors for not preparing themselves for the tough Sharia punishments. Rather than show sympathy for the young man whose life is in tatters over a cultural misunderstanding, Caitlyn takes the opportunity to tell us that people who “behave indecently” as Jamie’s accuser claims, “deserve everything they get.”
Caitlyn Davey. The Australian enjoys tax free wages at government censored Dubai media outlet and should be well aware of the UAE’s flawed judicial system after the wrongful detention of high profile Australians Matt Joyce, Marcus Lee, Scott Richards, Cat Le-Huy, Alicia Gali & Sun McKay,An outsider might wonder why a Western journalist would be so zealous in her attack of visitors who land in trouble in her adopted country. Barry Ley, formerly VP Sales at UAE media giant Turret Media sheds some light:
Caitlyn Davey“I joined Turret in 2012. Not in the journalism side of the company, but in the digital division,” Barry says. “On the surface the country seems forward thinking and exciting, but pretty soon the cracks start to appear. I remember driving to work one day and listening to the radio news. The lead story was about how new automatic payment machines were expected to raise efficiency levels in some Abu Dhabi government department. Followed by interviews of members of the pubic who were excited by the expected improvement. I remember thinking that it was an drab choice of lead story for a national radio network. My journalist friends soon put me in the picture.”Western journalists like Caitlyn are the real disappointment. They finish their journalism degrees, so full of hope and liberal values, determined to do good in the world. Then the UAE offers them a high tax free wage to basically change their mindset completely. In the UAE racism and homophobia are endemic, for example. These same journalists fresh out of university would have been repulsed at the idea of being mouthpieces for such a regime. But I guess everybody has their price” (photos: Dubai Government Media Office, emad tabaza, Caitlyn Davey)


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