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Vodafone Australia Signs Enterprise Software and Services Agreement With Splunk

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 31 ottobre 2017

Sydney, perla australianaSydney. Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), first in delivering “aha” moments from machine data, today announced that Vodafone Australia has entered into a multi-year Enterprise Software and Services Agreement. The agreement enables expansion of the Splunk® platform across the organization to strengthen operations, network visibility and reporting. Vodafone’s investment significantly enhances its ability to investigate and resolve customer-facing and back-end issues, delivering a positive customer experience by providing proactive and predictive insights into customer needs.Utilizing Splunk, Vodafone is able to overcome the often-encountered telecommunication issue of having to navigate multiple separate, often manual legacy tools to correlate and analyze data regarding operations and network performance. Introducing the Splunk platform has enabled Vodafone to automate many processes. Splunk also allows the team to gain insights and act more swiftly to solve issues that may impact a customer experience.Splunk also continues to help with internal system performance improvement including log-on times for customer care agents, speed of credit checks and ensuring mobile number porting performance is at optimal levels.“Splunk is helping us fine-tune our operations as we continue our focus on putting the customer at the heart of all we do,” said Dan Lloyd, chief strategy officer and corporate affairs director, Vodafone Australia. “Splunk’s diagnostics and analytics capabilities also help our internal teams uncover issues that may hinder performance or impact customers to maintain a level of performance we’re proud of.”
“Leading C-suite executives, like those at Vodafone Australia, understand that machine data is a potential gold mine of information. This helps companies to deliver better, more tailored services that make happier customers and ultimately drive stronger revenues,” said Simon Eid, area vice president, ANZ, Splunk. “Vodafone has demonstrated to Australia’s enterprises how machine data can help solve a multitude of business challenges and create opportunities.”“Vodafone’s success story also demonstrates that by listening to machine data, organizations are turning analytics into strategic business insights, which in turn help them gain competitive advantage in a very crowded marketplace.”


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