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Eighty-three Percent of Britons Have Positive View of Business Travel

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 novembre 2017

london-centralLondon. Five in six British employees think that they are treated well by their employers while travelling for business, according to an international survey by Chrome River, a global leader in expense management solutions. Almost a third (32 percent) say that getting to see new places is their favourite part of travelling for work, and 19 percent look forward to the ability to add leisure days onto a trip. A further 20 percent state that travelling in style on their company’s tab – such as staying in high quality hotels – is the best part of work-related travel. In comparison, only five percent of American business travellers view the quality of their travel as the biggest benefit, while 18 percent rate the ability to earn loyalty points as the top perk.The research also revealed strong correlation between travellers’ perception of travel expense policy and overall travel satisfaction. Those who viewed their company’s travel policies as providing the highest quality travel services and the most traveller flexibility had almost universal (97 percent) satisfaction with business travel. In comparison, almost 70 percent of those who viewed their policies as more restrictive and inflexible had a negative view of their business travel experience.Although Britons are almost three times as likely to cite travelling with their colleagues as the worst aspect of business travel as their Australian counterparts, British business travellers are also more than 50 percent more likely than Americans to dislike having to spend time with their co-workers while travelling. Conversely, while 15 percent of Americans say that spending time with colleagues they like is their favourite part of business travel, only three percent of Britons relish time with their team-mates.“With domestic and international business travel both continuing to increase, and the labour market for the very best employees remaining tight, employers must ensure that they provide a quality travel experience,” said Nick Ludlow, general manager, EMEA at Chrome River. “For frequent travellers – who can often be a company’s most valuable employees – expense policies can have a dramatic impact on their quality of life. Therefore, offering flexible travel policies and giving travellers the tools they need to make their trips as smooth as possible will play a great role in keeping a company’s highest performers happy. Chrome River works with our customers around the world to help them create and implement expense policies that offer business travellers the best possible travel experience.”The survey was conducted of almost 1,500 business travellers across Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States during the summer of 2017.


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