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4 Italian Cities Among the 100 Smartest Metropolis in the World

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 novembre 2017

Duomo di Milano at dusk. Milan, Italy.; Shutterstock ID 102912281

Next Wednesday, November 8th we are releasing a global study ‘The 2017 Smart Cities Index’. The research ranks the top 100 cities who are at the forefront of smart evolution, looking particularly at digitalization, urban growth, mobility, sustainability, and governance. This index is the most comprehensive study regarding ‘smart cities’ to date, defining a concept which is not easy to categorize or rank. Analysing 19 factors ranging from the proliferation of car sharing services to clean energy technologies, the index offers an unparalleled insight into smart infrastructure around the world. For an added expert opinion, over 20k technology and urban planning journalists were asked to rate how smart they considered each location to be.This study offers the perfect opportunity to clearly understand which cities are making impressive strides towards a smoother, digitalized life for their citizens. There are many interesting angles to be explored, for instance, Romania having faster internet than most of North America, or that just after Luxembourg, South Korea has the highest smartphone usage in the world. The results are sent out with an embargo of November 8th, 6 am, however, if you would like an earlier release please contact me and I can see if one can be arranged.
I am available to respond to any questions or for interviews. If this study is not for you then please pass it onto a colleague who may find it of interest. Press releases are also available upon request.For the results of all 100 cities including 4 Italian:


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