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Partnership for LA Schools Co-Founder Melanie Lundquist

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 novembre 2017

melanieMelanie Lundquist, philanthropist, and co-founder of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, participated in the closing plenary of the 2017 Milken Institute California Summit held at the UCLA Luskin Conference Center on November 8, 2017. Moderated by the Milken Institute’s founder, Michael Milken, the plenary topic was broadly defined as “Investing in California’s Future.” Lundquist focused her remarks almost entirely on investing in public education as the major driver for California’s future.Lundquist highlighted the Partnership’s achievements at 18 high-need schools, serving over 14,500 students, including more than doubling graduation rates from 36% to 81%. Lundquist pointed out that additional support provided by the Partnership, which includes teacher and parent capacity building, advocacy programs, and professional development for principals and teachers, amounts to only $675 per student above California’s per-student annual funding.Lundquist added that Partnership supports — paid for by philanthropic dollars — mean that students in Boyle Heights, South Los Angeles and Watts have been lifted up and not held back, a critical component to California’s future.In closing the session, Milken asked panelists: “If you had the ability to enact one major policy change, new law or regulation — or stop an existing one, what would you choose?” Lundquist was the first to respond, saying that she would “…want to see something enacted that would show value for our teachers.”Lundquist went on to discuss the high cost of living in California — especially the high cost of housing. She underscored the student loan burden teachers face and that something bold, like free or significantly subsidized housing for teachers, would be her recommendation for major policy change to benefit educators – and all Californians, by supporting and bolstering the state’s teachers.
“I appreciated the excellent job Mike did in moderating the discussion and how we both share a passion for improving public education. His support of public education and teachers is inspiring. Allowing me to share the success of the Partnership—as a way to invest in California’s future, was a privilege,” said Lundquist. (photo: melanie)


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