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Reductive Augmentation Results in Rounder Appearance After Breast Reduction

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 novembre 2017

san carlos californiaIn a just published study in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by Paul Chasan, MD, FACS, founder of Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery in Del Mar, CA, reductive augmentation is demonstrated to be the best choice for women who want a higher and more round breast after breast reduction surgery. Although the procedure had been done by Dr. Chasan for many years, it underwent a variety of modifications. The study represents the technique in its most recent form. See the study here.Breast reduction results in a high level of patient satisfaction. Multiple generations of the technique have resulted in better shape, less scars and more predictable results. However, even with the most proficient and technically advanced breast reductions, there continue to be limitations with respect to the shape of the breast. With time, there is almost always a lack of superior pole fullness (roundness and fullness of the upper part of the breast).“Historically, most breast reduction procedures are prone to bottoming out and lack upper pole fullness,” said Dr. Chasan. “In this article, I review breast shape classifications and describe a one-stage technique for breast reduction combined with breast augmentation called reductive augmentation to solve the problem.” He added that for women who want their large breasts reduced, adding implants during the surgical procedure seems counter-intuitive. But when breast tissue is removed without adding implants, breasts can sag as time goes on. This technique is also extremely useful for correcting breast asymmetry, as well as revising significant pseudoptosis (drooping of the bottom of the breast) in the patient who has previously undergone breast augmentation with or without mastopexy (sagging breasts).
For the study, thirty-five patients underwent reductive augmentation, of which 12 were primary surgeries, and 23 were revisions. There was an average tissue removal of 255 and 227 g, respectively, per breast for the primary and revision groups. Six of the reductive augmentations were performed for gross asymmetry. Fourteen patients had a previous mastopexy, and three patients had a previous breast reduction. The average follow-up was 26 months.“The goal of the study was to demonstrate reductive augmentation is an effective one-stage method for achieving a more round-appearing breast with upper pole fullness, both in primary breast reduction candidates and in revisionary breast surgery,” Dr. Chasan said. “For breast reduction patients who desire smaller breasts and also want rounder, ‘perkier’ breasts, reductive augmentation will provide the best possible results.” He said that this technique can also be applied to those patients with significant asymmetry.The reductive augmentation procedure takes about four hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. Most of Dr. Chasan’s reductive breast augmentation patients are up and about within three to four days after surgery.Dr. Chasan is double board-certified (plastic surgery and general surgery) and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is a diplomate of the American College of Surgeons and is on the medical staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, California. Dr. Chasan has written many clinical papers in peer reviewed journals, and he has innovated several surgical techniques. He regularly lectures to other plastic surgeons on the field of revisionary breast surgery for Allergan, the company that makes breast implants.


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