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Open the Curtains to Adventure, Passion and Spirit by Investing in Panama’s Amazing Azuero Peninsula with Tuna Coast Properties

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 dicembre 2017

Tuna CoastTuna Coast Properties (TCP) is capitalizing on the ongoing government-sponsored and private industry activities in the Azuero Peninsula (Azuero). The groundwork is being laid by working together to create vital infrastructure such as new roads, an electric power grid and the drilling of wells for water. Additionally, private industry is facilitating a buyer’s option to go off-grid via the purchase of an eco-friendly solar power system. All of this steady growth makes Azuero a fantastic investment opportunity.The 411 Surf Spot property is a one hectare (2.47 acres) estate with an ocean view of a famous surf …
The 411 Surf Spot property is a one hectare (2.47 acres) estate with an ocean view of a famous surf spot. It is ideal for anyone that wants to get up in the morning, stretch and instantly see the beautiful and endless point break. (Photo: Jose Goldner)On the heels of this growth, TCP announces the Azuero 401(k) – a ground-floor opportunity to invest in an appreciable asset in Cambutal, Panama on the southern coast of the Azuero. Diversify by converting a 401(k) and/or IRA into a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA). An SDIRA may be set up to purchase or invest in a property by means of a single-party transaction or pooling funds from family and friends into a multi-party SDIRA.Cambutal is truly an undiscovered region with isolated, long stretches of empty pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls and deep virgin jungles. Investors of all ages are drawn to Cambutal. Surfers, water sports enthusiasts, sports fishermen, adventure seekers, and anyone who longs for yearlong enjoyable weather will want to relish this beautiful and peaceful seaside town.Cambutal is reminiscent of Carmel by the Sea near Monterey, California. Carmel by the Sea property values, however, soar well into the millions and out of reach for most investors. In sharp contrast, Cambutal is an affordable and solid investment. Jose Goldner, founder of TCP and a native Panamanian, notes, “I am excited about building a community of friends and family. The Cambutal community will have something for everyone – a relaxed, stress-free lifestyle, eco-friendly homes and limitless outdoor activities.” (photo: Tuna Coast)


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