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SkyPan Urges New Holiday Drone Owners to Read Instructions and Register with FAA

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 dicembre 2017

droniSkyPan International, a company that offers innovative aerial robotic systems that serve the construction and real estate industries, urges everyone who received a drone as a holiday gift to do two simple things before operating the drone for the first time: Read the instructions that come in the package, and register the drone online with the FAA.New drone owners must register before operating the drone for the first time – that is an FAA rule. As SkyPan notes, “it is so easy to register online, and registration is required by law, so you might as well do so right away, so it does not slip your mind.” The link to online registration is “When you register, you can also access informational materials that lay out some basic operational requirements.”New drone owners, before operating the drone for the first time, should read the instructions that are included in the package. As SkyPan explains, “Not all drones are alike. You need to know how to control its height, its speed, and its direction. Although the FAA does not require any flight training for model aircraft operators, we strongly believe you should learn how to control your drone on your own property or on a vacant lot. Your safety and the safety of your family, friends, and neighbors depends on how you operate the drone.”SkyPan notes that recreational drone operators who do not meet the requirements for model aircraft operators are subject to FAA rules in Part 107. Thus, SkyPan also encourages all operators to carefully read Part 107, to understand its requirements and limitations, and to seek guidance from the FAA if they have any questions.


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