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CES 2018 – DisplayLink Announces ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Initiative to Address the Challenges of Hot Desking

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 gennaio 2018

hot-desk-displaylinkOn the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics technology, revealed a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ initiative to simplify the creation of flexible office environments and address the challenges faced by IT and infrastructure managers when deploying hot desking solutions.
As companies endeavor to become more adaptable, the traditional view of an office is changing. Hot desking, a workspace sharing model where multiple employees use a single physical workstation at different times during the day, offers advantages for organizations looking to reduce building space and office costs. The model also promotes increased levels of communication and improved professional relationships within a company. With support for any computing device, any operating system and any processing architecture, DisplayLink’s unique USB graphics technology simplifies hot desking scenarios for companies by eliminating compatibility and connectivity problems as employees move in and out of a workstation. The technology powers an extensive line-up of universal USB docks, monitors and adapters from globally-recognized brands.“DisplayLink works closely with key industry partners, customers and Fortune 500 companies to ensure a seamless end-user hot desking experience,” said John Cummins, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DisplayLink. “By offering a simple ‘Plug and Display’ experience across all of today’s computing devices we strive to provide infrastructure managers and end-users with the confidence that when using DisplayLink solutions, it just works.” DisplayLink’s products uniquely allow IT managers and infrastructure planners the ability to bridge the transition between legacy notebooks / desktops and the very latest platforms. If it has a USB connection ‘It just works’. DisplayLink universal docking solutions meet the needs of the entire organization with connectivity spanning USB-A through to USB-C with power to charge the notebooks, productivity is accelerated with the addition of multiple displays and their integrated LAN, Audio and USB ports ensure a centralized connectivity solution meeting a variety of use-cases across all departments.Join DisplayLink at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Hall 3 (upper level), booth #31772 from January 9-12, 2018 to experience the ultimate in hot desking. (photo: hot-desk-displaylink)


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